Corned beef, Gruyère, sauerkraut, Russian dressing, house rye bread

Adapted by
February 2018
Yield: 18 servings


Corned Beef
Pink curing salt #1
black peppercorns
coriander seeds
red pepper flakes
garlic paste
fresh bay leaves
One 12- to 14-pound beef brisket
To Assemble and Serve
melted butter
Rye bread, sliced
Russian dressing
sauerkraut, warmed
Sliced Gruyère


For the Corned Beef

In a pot with water, combine salts, sugar, peppercorns, coriander, pepper flakes, clove, garlic, and bay leaves; bring to boil. When salts and sugar dissolve, remove from heat and chill brine. Depending on weight of brisket, brine meat 7 to 10 days. Transfer brined brisket to a pot of cold water over medium-low heat. Slowly bring to a simmer and cook brisket until fork tender, about 2 to 3 hours, skimming off scum as it rises to the surface. Drain brisket and keep warm. 

Heat flattop over medium-high flame. Butter one side of 2 slices of bread. Place slices buttered side down on flattop. When browned on the buttered side, transfer slices to a cutting board browned side down. Against the grain, slice 7 ounces of Corned Beef. Slather Russian dressing on both slices of bread; top 1 slice with Corned Beef and then sauerkraut. Cover with cheese, melt under broiler. Top with the other bread slice, cut sandwich in half, and serve.