Glazed Beef Shank

Adapted by
January 2020
“For this recipe we use a cut-out of the heel that has a really high collagen content.”


Grapeseed oil
Beef heels
Black pepper
Beef stock
bay leaves
Smashed garlic cloves
Mix of finely chopped chervil, parsley, and mint
Flake salt
Salt and vinegar preserved unripe elderberries
Lentil salad


Heat oven to 300°F. In a pan over medium flame, heat oil. Season beef with salt and pepper. Sear beef until deeply browned on all sides. Transfer beef to roasting pan cover, almost completely, with stock. Add several bay leaves, smashed garlic cloves, and season lightly with salt and pepper. Cover and braise in oven 2½ hours. When a paring knife is easily inserted into the meat with no resistance, the beef is done. Transfer beef to hotel pan. Reduce braising liquid by half and strain over beef. Cool, cover, and refrigerate overnight. Portion beef. Heat oven to 350°F. At pick-up, use a pan to reheat a portion of beef with some of the reduction. Baste. Transfer to oven and continue basting until beef is thoroughly glazed, mounting with butter when nearly finished. Add herb mix to the glaze right before plating. Transfer glazed beef to a serving plate and garnish with flake salt and elderberries. Serve with lentil salad.