Charred cabbage, braised peanuts, and bacon

Adapted by
February 2018
Yield: 1 serving


1½ ounces Benton’s bacon lardons
2 ounces shelled green peanuts
¾ cup chicken stock
¼ head Napa cabbage
1 ounce small diced shallot
1 ounce finely chopped garlic
1 silver butter
lemon juice
1 teaspoon Thinly sliced chives


In a sauté pan over medium heat, render bacon. Add and lightly toast peanuts. Pour in half the stock and reduce until thick. Remove pan from heat and reserve. Heat a dry cast iron pan over high flame and place cabbage cut-side down; cook until lightly charred. (Cabbage should still have structure.) Decrease heat to medium. Add shallot and garlic and deglaze with remaining chicken stock. Add bacon-peanut sauce and turn cabbage. Gently stir, add butter and season with lemon juice. Using a spatula, lift cabbage from the pan and place in a shallow serving bowl. Spoon sauce over and around the cabbage and garnish with chives.