Sopressa, Vicentina-Style Salami

Adapted by
March 2009
Yield: Variable


5 pounds pork shoulder, cubed into 1-inch pieces
½ pounds pork back fat, cubed into 1-inch pieces
200 grams salt
35 grams white wine
15 grams dextrose
8 grams fresh garlic, pounded in mortar
5 grams black pepper, pounded in mortar
1 gram ground clove
1 gram freshly ground ginger
1 gram freshly ground nutmeg
1 gram cardamom
7 grams cure #2 (available from )
.5 grams bactoferm starter culture (available from )
3 tablespoons distilled water
pork middles or bungs (available from )


Chill meat and fat to just below freezing. Grind meat and fat separately through 3/8-inch plate making sure to keep meat as cold as possible during handling. Place meat in a mixer bowl and mix in salt, white wine, dextrose, garlic, pepper, clove, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, and Cure#2. Mix until paste becomes slightly sticky against the side of the bowl. Dissolve starter culture in distilled water. Add to meat mixture, making sure to mix thoroughly. Stuff mixture into pork middles and tie off to desired length. Ferment sausages for up to four days in an area where temperature and humidity can be controlled to 80ºF and 80-85% humidity. Transfer salami to an area where the temperature is relatively consistent around 60ºF and 75% humidity. Dry until salamis lose roughly one third of their starting weight and serve.