The Perfect Cup

Adapted by
July 2020
“I like to use a scale to weigh my coffee grounds and water used to brew. This way, I can easily recreate the exact brew. This recipe uses a 1:16.5 coffee to water brew ratio. But you can change the amount of coffee and water used to fit your taste.”


Acacia Pearl coffee scale (It has a built-in timer!)
Timer (if yours isn't built-in)
Gooseneck kettle (preferably Kalita or Hario)
Burr grinder (preferably Baratza Encore or Virtuoso)
Kalita Wave 185 coffee brewer
Kalita 185 filter, rinsed
Minimum 13-ounce serving vessel (preferably Kalita or Hario mug), warmed
500 milliliter water
15 to 30 grams favorite Night Shift Coffee beans


Fill kettle and begin heating water. If using a variable temperature electric kettle, set temperature between 205 and 210F. If using a stovetop kettle, bring water to boil and wait 10 to 15 seconds before pouring.

Grind coffee beans to a medium coarse grind (a bit finer than coarse sea salt). This should be roughly a 15 to 17 setting on a Baratza or Virtuoso, but measure for yourself until you get the right consistency. Line Kalita brewer w rinsed filter and fill with the desired amount of ground coffee. I recommend 20.6 grams for one cup at a 1:16.5 brew ratio.

Start timer and pour 110 grams hot water in a circular pattern over the coffee grounds. It should take 30 seconds to pour. Take care to evenly pour the water over every part of the coffee bed; avoid touching the filter with the stream of water. Wait 30 seconds. 

When the timer reads 1:00 minute, pour an additional 115grams hot water in the same manner. Wait 30 seconds. 

When the timer reads 2:00 minutes, pour another ​115 grams hot water in the same manner. Wait until the coffee bed fully drains, 3:15 to 4:00 minutes. If the coffee bed drains too quickly and your coffee tastes sour, try grinding finer. If the coffee bed drains too slowly and your coffee tastes bitter, try grinding coarser. Pour into mug, sit back, and sip.