Urfa-infused Soft Valrhona Chocolate, Ginger-glazed Tangerines, Sesame Tuile, Caramelized Feuilletine, and Tangerine Sorbet

Adapted by StarChefs.com
March 2015
Yield: Yield: 12 to 15 servings


Tangerine Sorbet
260 grams water
295 grams sugar
50 grams glucose powder
70 grams glucose syrup
1 kilogram strained satsuma tangerine juice
10 grams yuzu juice
Urfa Soft Chocolate
300 grams heavy cream
5 grams crushed urfa chile
300 grams water
1 gram kappa carrageenan
1 gram iota carrageenan
375 grams Valrhona milk chocolate (33% cacao, Tanariva Lactee), melted
Ginger Glazed Tangerines
6 to 8 small satsuma tangerines, peeled and segmented, pith removed
200 grams strained tangerine Juice
10 grams finely grated ginger
2 grams citric acid
30 grams sugar
6 grams pectin
Ginger Feuilletine Clusters
75 grams sugar
4 grams finely grated ginger
150 grams feuilletine
Sesame Tuile
175 grams butter
75 grams glucose syrup
225 grams sugar
3.75 grams pectin
250 grams white sesame seeds
2.5 grams salt
Tangerine Urfa Gel
500 grams strained satsuma tangerine juice
60 grams sugar
3.5 grams agar agar
1 gram citric acid
2 grams ground urfa chile


For the Tangerine Sorbet

In a pot, combine water, sugar, and glucose powder and syrup. Boil 60 seconds. Chill in ice bath. Combine with juices. Strain mixture through chinois into 2 Pacojet canisters; freeze.

For the Urfa Soft Chocolate

Spray a quarter-sheet tray with nonstick spray and line with plastic wrap, being careful not to puncture the plastic. Smooth the plastic onto the bottom and up the sides of the tray, removing any air bubbles.Set tray ona levelsurface. In a small pot, combine cream and urfa. In a separate pot, combine water and carageenans, whisking to combine. Bring cream and urfa to boil, remove from heat, and gradually pour into bowl with melted chocolate, stirring vigorously to make a ganache. Pour the ganache into a deep bain marie and hold in warm water. Bring carrageenan mixture to boil. Working quickly, pour boiling carrageenan mixture into the bain marie with the ganache. Quickly blend with hand-mixer until combined. Pour onto prepared tray. Allow 15 minutes to set. Cover and chill.

For the Ginger Glazed Tangerines

Heat water bath of immersion circulator to 52C. In a medium bowl, combine tangerine segments and juice, ginger, and citric acid. In a small bowl, whisk to combine sugar and pectin. Pour sugar mixture into bowl with tangerine mixture, stirring to combine. Seal mixture in a vaccum bag. Cook sous vide 5 minutes. Remove and chill bag in ice water bath.

For the Ginger Feuilletine Clusters

In a large saucepot, combine sugar, ginger, and just enough water to moisten sugar. Over medium-high heat, boil mixture 2 minutes, until consistency of corn syrup. Add feuilletine, reduce heat to medium, and with a wooden spoon, stir constantly until sugar crystallizes and turns a sandy white color. Continue to stir as sugar caramelizes, breaking up any large clusters. Pour mixture onto a parchment-lined sheet tray and season lightly with salt. Allow to cool completely.

For the Sesame Tuile
For the Tangerine Urfa Gel

In a small bowl, whisk together sugar and agar agar to eliminate any clumps. Transfer to a small pot with remaining ingredients. Boil 60 seconds. Chill in ice water bath until firmly set. In a Vita-Prep, blend until smooth and shiny. Transfer gel to squeeze bottle.