Coconut Crémeux with Green Apple Gelée, Coriander, and Cucumber Ice Cream

Adapted by
October 2011
Yield: 10 Servings


Cucumber Juice
375 grams cucumber
10 grams Granny Smith apple peels
Cucumber Ice Cream
300 grams whole milk
35 grams milk powder
25 grams atomized glucose
75 grams sugar
3.75 grams PreGel Neutro ice cream stabilizer ice cream
100 grams heavy cream
Coconut Crémeux
1.5 grams gelatin
200 grams Perfect Purée coconut purée
20 grams lime juice
15 grams PreGel egg white powder
Compressed Cucumber
1 English cucumber
15 grams lime juice
Green Apple Gelée
2 Granny Smith apples
75 grams 100% simple syrup
2 grams citric acid
285 grams apple juice
4 grams silver gelatin, bloomed
Lime Purée
Zest of 4 limes
25 grams water
50 grams sugar
50 grams lime juice
0.5 grams citric acid
10 grams butter
Puffed Tapioca
100 grams grapeseed oil
30 grams tapioca pearls
100 grams matcha powder
To Assemble and Serve
Coriander blossoms
Green micro shiso leaves


For the Cucumber Juice:
Put the cucumbers and Granny Smith apple peels in a VitaMix blender and mix on medium until well blended. Strain through a chinois.

For the Cucumber Ice Cream:
Put the milk, milk powder, and glucose in pot over medium heat. Mix the sugar with the ice cream stabilizer. When the milk mixture reaches 30ºC, add the sugar mixture. At 45ºC, add the cream and continue to cook to 85ºC, stirring constantly. Chill rapidly to 4ºC, and add 275 grams of the Cucumber Juice. Refrigerate and rest the ice cream base overnight. Process the next day in an ice cream machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

For the Coconut Crémeux:
Bloom the gelatin in ice water. Heat 20 grams of the coconut purée with the lime juice, add the bloomed gelatin, and stir to combine. Combine with the remaining coconut purée with the egg white powder. In the bowl of a stand mixer, whip on medium speed with a whisk attachment for 2 minutes. Combine with the lime juice mixture. Pour into a container and reserve.

For the Compressed Cucumber:
Peel the cucumber, reserving the skin for the Green Apple Gelée. Finely brunoise the cucumber. Add the cucumber and lime juice to a vacuum bag and vacuum on the highest setting.

For the Green Apple Gelée:
Cut the apples, with skins, into small pieces. Blend with the cucumber skin, simple syrup, citric acid, and apple juice on medium speed; strain through a chinois. Bloom the gelatin in ice water. Weigh out 285 grams of the juice. Warm 30 grams of this juice, dissolve the gelatin in it, and strain through a chinois into the rest of the measured out juice. Pour into the desired tray and set.

For the Lime Purée:
In a small saucepot, cover the lime zest with water, and cook on low heat for 30 minutes. Strain, and blend with the sugar, lime juice, and citric acid. Add the butter. Strain through a chinois.

For the Puffed Tapioca:
Heat the oil to 375ºF. Add the tapioca pearls, and fry until completely puffed. Blot dry to remove the excess oil. Roll in matcha powder. Sift off excess powder and store in an airtight container.

To Assemble and Serve:
Spoon the Lime Purée on the plate in 3 small dollops. Top with the Coconut Crémeux, covering the lime well. Break up the Green Apple Gelée, and plate on top of the Crémeux, followed by the Compressed Cucumber. Quenelle the Cucumber Ice Cream and top with Puffed Tapioca, coriander blossoms, and green micro shiso leaves.