Steelhead Mi Cuit, Egg Yolk Confit, Dashi Vinaigrette, and Buttermilk “Egg Whites”

Adapted by
April 2016
Yield: 6 servings


Steelhead Mi Cuit
2 kilograms water
100 grams salt
60 grams brown sugar
5 grams juniper berries
5 grams coriander seeds
1 sprig thyme
10 grams thinly sliced garlic
Zest of 1 lemon
Six 100-gram portions Steelhead trout fillet
Olive oil
Egg Yolk Confit
1 kilogram water
100 grams salt
50 grams sugar
6 egg yolks
400 grams brown butter
100 grams rendered country ham fat
Dashi Vinaigrette
500 grams water
20 grams kombu
10 grams bonito flakes
250 grams wakame butter, diced
30 grams white soy sauce
15 grams ramp vinegar
Buttermilk "Egg Whites"
300 grams buttermilk
1.6 grams gellan F
0.16 grams gellan LT
0.9 grams sodium hexametaphosphate
6 grams sodium citrate
4 grams salt
To Assemble and Serve
Fried country ham, torn into small pieces


For the Steelhead Mi Cuit

Prepare an ice bath. In a stainless steel pot over high heat, whisk to combine water, salt, sugar, juniper, coriander, thyme, garlic, and lemon. Bring to a boil, remove from heat, and cool over ice bath. Submerge trout in brine and refrigerate for one hour. Remove from brine, rinse with cold water, and pat trout dry. Lightly dress fillet with olive oil, wrap in plastic wrap, and vacuum seal. Using the probe, heat a pot of water to 42°C and cook trout sous vide for 20 minutes. Keep warm.

For the Egg Yolk Confit

In a bowl, combine water, sugar and salt, whisking until salt and sugar dissolve. Add yolks and refrigerate for 30 minutes. To a stainless steel or cast iron pot, add brown butter and rendered fat. 
Place probe in pot and set to 62ºC, input “oil” as the liquid on the Control Freak. When fats are up to temperature, remove yolks from brine, transfer to warmed fat, and confit 20 minutes. 

For the Dashi Vinaigrette

In a stainless steel or cast iron pot, add water and kombu. Using the probe control setting, cook mixture at 65°C for one hour. Remove kombu, increase temperature to 80°C, gently stir in bonito, and rest 5 minutes. Strain through a chinois in to a bowl, whick in butter, and season with soy and vinegar. Keep warm.

For the Buttermilk “Egg Whites”

In a stainless steel pot with buttermilk, shear in remaining ingredients using a hand blender. Bring mixture to a boil and froth with hand blender. Keep warm, so mixture does not gel. 

To Assemble and Serve

On the center of a serving plate, place one warm Egg Yolk Confit. Using a large spoon, in one swift motion, top yolk with frothy Buttermilk “Egg Whites.” Place Steelhead Mi Cuit to the side, and dress with Dashi Vinaigrette. Garnish with fried country ham.