Kaliwa Gochujang

Adapted by StarChefs.com
January 2019
Yield: 1 onggi


1 kilogram sweet glutinous rice, soaked overnight in cold water
750 grams milled malt barley, soaked overnight in 5 liters cold water
1.5 kilogram fine gochugaru chile powder
750 grams sea salt
1 kilogram brown rice syrup
500 grams fermented soy bean powder


Heat oven to 60°C. Thoroughly drain and dry rice. Transfer to a Vitamix blender and blend to as fine a consistency as possible, like fl our. Through a chinois into a medium pot, strain barley liquid; reserve solids for another purpose. (Barley liquid should contain some fine white sediment.) Add rice fl our to pot, stirring to combine. Transfer pot to oven and cook mixture for 5 hours. Transfer to stovetop and reduce by 20 percent; cool. Stir in gochugaru and sea salt (less than 1 handful) followed by brown rice syrup and soy bean powder. Transfer Gochujang to a sanitized onggi (porous clay pot that can hold liquid). Sprinkle surface with a remaining handful of sea salt. Cover with cheesecloth, securing the cloth to the pot with twine, and ferment 3 months.