Goat’s Milk and Black Pepper Gelato with Beet-Lime Sorbetto

Adapted by StarChefs.com
Yield: 20 liters


Goat’s Milk and Black Pepper Gelato
600 grams powdered milk
40 grams lecithin
60 grams neutro ice cream stabilizer
10 grams salt
2.4 kilograms sugar
1.16 kilograms heavy cream
400 grams glucose syrup
10.842 kilograms goat milk
1.1 kilograms inverted sugar
1.4 kilograms goat cheese
1,000 egg yolks
Fresh cracked black pepper
Beet-Lime Sorbetto
5.5 kilograms raw beets, peeled
8.848 kilograms filtered water
1.213 kilograms glucose powder
84 grams neutro sorbet stabilizer
28 grams salt
3.013 kilograms sugar
1.240 kilograms lime juice
280 grams vodka


For the Goat's Milk and Black Pepper Gelato:
Whisk together the powdered milk, lecithin, neutro, salt, and sugar. Scald the heavy cream, glucose syrup, goat milk, and inverted sugar. Whisk the milk mixture into the goat cheese, then into the dry ingredients. Finally whisk in the yolks. Return the mixture to the stove and bring to the pasteurization temperature of 85°C, whisking constantly. Place over an ice bath and fold in freshly ground black pepper. Process in an ice cream machine according to manufacturer's directions.

For the Beet-Lime Sorbetto:
Chop the raw beets and boil in the water until the beets fall apart. While the beets are cooking, whisk the glucose powder, neutro, salt, and sugar together. Strain the beets through a fine mesh strainer. While the water is still hot, temper in the dry ingredients.  Bring to 85°C, cool, and add lime juice. Allow to sit for 24 hours. Before freezing, add the vodka. Freeze the base.

*This base acts differently than others in the freezer. It is important to put half as much in the machine as you would any other gelato base because it expands so much.

To Assemble and Serve:

Serve the Goats Milk and Black Pepper Gelato and Beet-Lime Sorbetto together.