Salame Calabrese

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Yield: 3½ pounds


Salame Calabrese
5 pounds Black Hills Ranch Swabian pork shoulder
64 grams uniodized sea salt
22 grams dextrose
5 grams instacure #2 salt
325 grams Calabria hot chile paste
1 cup aglianico wine
2 grams f-rm-52 meat culture


For the Salame Calabrese:

Grind the pork coarsely through a 3/8 plate. Mix the sea salt, dextrose, InstaCure, chili paste, and wine. Add the culture last. Stuff into the casing and ferment at 80°F and 80 percent humidity for 48 hours. Check that pH is 5 or less. Rinse the casing. Hang to dry for 45 to 60 days.