Electric Jellyfish IPA

Adapted by StarChefs.com


6.5 percent alcohol by volume (ABV)
72 International Bittering Unit (IBUs)
6 on the Standard Reference Method scale for color (SRM)
Grain Bill
Gambrinus 2-Row pale malt
Briess Pilsen malt
Briess caramel 40L malt
Briess Carapils malt
Great Western flaked barley
Perrault Farms Citra hops
Loftus Ranches Simcoe hops
Loftus Ranches/Tributary Farms Ekuanot hops
Roy Farms Azacca hops
Australian Galaxy hops
Filtered and Burtonized* water from the Edwards Aquifer
*Domesticated strain of ale yeast
45 ppm magnesium (Mg+2)
44 ppm sodium (Na+1)
16 ppm chloride (Cl-1)
801 ppm sulfate (SO4-2)
320 ppm bicarbonate (HCO3-1)


*Modifying the profile of water to mimic that of the hard water in Burton-on-Trent, United Kingdom, where the original IPA was brewed. In parts per million, that high-sulfate profile is: 352 ppm calcium (Ca+2)