Cauliflower Panna Cotta, Shaved White Chocolate, Caviar, and Micro Chives

Adapted by
April 2016
Yield: 4 servings


Cauliflower Panna Cotta
400 grams allium stock
1 bay leaf
200 grams cauliflower florets, thinly sliced
250 grams milk, plus additional as needed
Gelatin sheets
To Assemble and Serve
1 ounce caviar
Valrhona white chocolate, chilled
Micro chives


For the Cauliflower Panna Cotta

In a saucepot, combine allium stock and bay leaf and bring to a boil; add cauliflower and simmer until tender, adding water if necessary. Remove from heat and pour into a blender, along with milk. Blend until smooth and season with salt. Pass through a chinois and adjust consistency with milk to that of a light, creamy soup. While warm, scale purée and measure 1 percent of its weight in gelatin; bloom gelatin in ice water, squeezing out excess water. With an immersion blender, incorporate gelatin into purée. Pass through a chinois and then pour into 4 shallow serving bowls. Place in refrigerator to set.

To Assemble and Serve

Remove Cauliflower Panna Cotta from refrigerator and spoon a ¼-ounce quennelle of caviar on top.  With a box grater, shave white chocolate to slightly cover; garnish with chives.