Smoked Rainbow Trout Mousse

Adapted by
December 2015
Yield: 4 servings


Smoked Trout
1 cup applewood chips
2 rainbow trout fillets
1 pasteurized organic egg
8 ounces canola oil
Lemon juice
Trout Mousse
Lemon juice
White pepper
To Assemble and Serve
1 Haas avocado, diced
ΒΌ shallot, minced


For the Smoked Trout

In a bowl, cover applewood chips with cold water and soak 10 to 20 minutes. Line the bottom of a hotel pan with aluminum foil and scatter applewood chips on top. Light the chips, and when smoking, lay a perforated hotel pan on top. Place trout in a single layer in the pan, cover, and transfer to refrigerator for 1 hour.

For the Mayonnaise

Into a blender, place the egg. With the blender running on low speed, slowly drizzle in the oil to emulsify. Season with lemon juice and salt.

For the Trout Mousse

Heat the water bath of an immersion circulator to 45°C. Place the Smoke Trout into a vacuum bag, seal, and cook sous vide 20 to 30 minutes. Remove Smoked Trout from the bag and, while warm, remove its skin. In a food processor, combine the Smoked Trout and ¼  cup Mayonnaise. Pulse until smooth and season with lemon juice, salt, and white pepper.

To Assemble and Serve

In a small mason jar, layer the Trout Mousse with avocado, shallots, and sriracha. Serve with potato chips.