Heirloom Black Carrots, Guava, Winter Kale, Dulse, Young Walnuts, Tamarind

Adapted by StarChefs.com


Black Carrots
2 kilograms black knight carrots, washed and dried
canola oil
black molokai salt, finely ground
Guava Syrup
1½ kilogram ripe pink guavas
350 grams glucose syrup
10 grams ascorbic acid
8 grams sea salt
Tamarind Syrup
1 clove garlic
240 grams gula jawa
95 grams tamarind paste
280 grams water
20 grams sweet soy
Young Walnuts
1 kilogram green walnuts, washed and dried
800 grams glucose syrup
500 grams sugar
1 kilogram water
100 grams walnut syrup
200 grams lime juice
75 grams fish sauce
To Assemble and Serve
16 leaves young black kale
16 leaves red frill mustard
1 sheet dulse, cut into thick strips and fried until crisp


For the Black Carrots:
Preheat the oven to 400°F. Rub the carrots with a little oil and sprinkle with the molokai salt. Roast in the oven for about an hour, or until fully tender. Allow the carrots to cool. Grill the carrots over binchotan (Japanese) charcoal for about 1 minute per side, or until the sugars in the skin begin to lightly burn. Refrigerate.

For the Guava Syrup:

Place the guavas, glucose, ascorbic acid, and sea salt into a vacuum-pack bag and compress. Cook at 185°F for about 3 hours. Strain the mixture while warm through a fine chinois and lightly press on the guavas to extract as much juice as possible. Refrigerate.

For the Tamarind Syrup:

Mix the garlic, gula jawa, tamarind paste, water, and sweet soy in a sauce pot and reduce to a syrup. Refrigerate.

For the Young Walnuts:
Place the walnuts, glucose, sugar, and water into a vacuum-pack bag and compress. Cook in a water bath at 175°F for 3 days. The walnuts should be black and soft. Transfer the bag to an ice bath. Once cold, dice the walnuts and reserve the syrup. Combine 100 grams of the syrup, lime juice, fish sauce, and walnuts. Refrigerate.

To Assemble and Serve:

Spoon the Tamarind and Guava Syrup across plate. Arrange the Young Walnuts and Black Carrots on top of the syrups. Artfully arrange the black kale and red frill mustard on top, and garnish with the dulse.