Glazed Hawaiian Blue Prawn, Spring Vegetables, and Georgia Olive Oil Foam

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May 2012
Yield: 12 servings


Prawn Head Consommé
12 Hawaiian Blue prawn heads
black pepper
½ cup Pernod
bay leaf
1 cup diced ginger
1 cup diced garlic
1 cup diced fennel
1 quart fish stock
Georgia Olive Oil Foam
1 cup Georgia olive oil
1 cup olive brine
.06 percent by weight soy lecithin
Meyer Lemon Emulsion
2 meyer lemons, seeds removed
¼ cup simple syrup
¼ cup water
1 egg yolk
¼ cup Georgia olive oil
Hawaiian Blue Prawns
12 Hawaiian Blue prawns, cleaned
Prawn Head consommé
House-cured Trout Roe
1 cup fresh trout roe
1 percent by weight fine sea salt
1 percent by weight Meyer lemon juice
To Assemble and Serve
Shaved baby carrots
Shaved baby beets
Shaved baby turnips
Spring onion
fennel fronds
Pea shoots
Buckwheat Sprouts
Micro mustard


For the Prawn Head Consommé:
Sauté the prawn heads to release flavor. Season with salt and pepper, deglaze with Pernod, and reduce to sec. Add the mint, tarragon, bay leaf, ginger, garlic, fennel, and fish stock and steep for 45 minutes. Strain, cool, and ice filter with ½ percent gelatin sheets by weight to clarify.

For the Georgia Olive Oil Foam:
Blend with an immersion blender to emulsify and froth.

For the Meyer Lemon Emulsion:
Purée the lemons, syrup, water, yolk, and oil in a blender until completely emulsified; strain through a chinois.

For the Hawaiian Blue Prawns:
Vacuum pack the prawns with the Prawn Head Consommé, tarragon, and salt. Poach in a thermal circulator at 52.5°C for 25 minutes.

For the House-cured Trout Roe:
Wash the roe in cold water and soak for 1 hour. Rinse and season with sea salt; cure for 2 hours and add Meyer lemon juice.

To Assemble and Serve:
Place the Hawaiian Blue Prawn in the center of a plate and glaze with the Prawn Head Consommé. Arrange shaved baby carrots, baby fennel, baby beets, baby turnips, spring onion, nasturtium, fennel fronds, pea shoots, buckwheat sprouts, micro mustard , mint, chervil and flowers on the plate. Garnish with Meyer Lemon Emulsion, House-cured Trout Roe, and Georgia Olive Oil Foam.