Lemongrass Veal Sausage, Shaved Veal, Spelt Noodles, Pho Broth, Tomatoes

Adapted by StarChefs.com
August 2020


Black Garlic Veal Broth:
1 pint European veal trim
4 pints cherry tomatoes
3 heads black garlic, split horizontally
1 onion, julienned
2 onions, burnt on the face
1 head fennel
8 quarts chicken stock
4 tablespoons bacon fat
Cured Veal:
1 pound European veal top sirloin, trimmed
1 quart of salt
1 quart sugar
2 tablespoons black pepper, toasted and ground
2 tablespoons of coriander, toasted and ground
Veal Sausage:
450 grams European veal top sirloin
220 grams pork fat
25 grams salt
1 tablespoon pepper, toasted and ground
1 tablespoon coriander, toasted and ground
50 grams lemongrass
50 grams ginger
1 bunch cilantro
100 grams shallot
50 grams garlic
1 hog casing
Spelt Spaghetti:
300 grams toasted spelt flour
300 grams all-purpose flour
5 grams xanthan gum
200 grams water
Shaved veal
Green tomatoes
Spring onion
Pickled fennel
Thai basil
Chili oil


For the Black Garlic Veal Broth

Brown the veal trim in a heavy bottom pot then add the Julian onion and cook down until falling apart. Next, add the tomatoes and the black garlic. Allowing the tomatoes to caramelize slightly on the bottom of the pan. Then add your burnt onions, fennel and top with chicken stock. Lastly add the bacon fat. Let simmer for 1 hour and 30 minutes then strain and adjust seasoning (don't skim we want the fat to emulsify).

For the Cured Veal

Combine all the dry ingredients and pack the cleaned loin in the mixture. Let the loin cure for 4 hours. Then rinse the cure off the outside of the meat. Pat dry with a paper towel and wrap tightly in plastic wrap. Let the tightly wrapped loin freeze for 3-4 hours. Then shave thin on a deli slicer. Weigh out portion to 2.5 oz. 

For the Veal Sausage

Large dice meat and fat toss with salt, spices and cilantro, place in the fridge. Meanwhile, sweat out lemongrass, ginger, shallot, and garlic then strain off the excess oil and cool the aromatic mixture in the fridge. Once it is cool add it to the meat mixture giving the whole mixture one final mix. Run the mixture through a chilled meat grinder with a medium die. Then move the mixture to a stand mixer and mix with a paddle attachment for three minutes at medium-low speed. Next case the sausage in a pork casing using a sausage stuffer, twist the stuffed sausage to link the sausage into 4-inch links. Then poach the sausage in a water bath, until an internal of 155 F and separate links.

For the Spelt Spaghetti

Set up pasta extruder with spaghetti die. Place all dry ingredients in the machine. While the machine is spinning, stream in the water and let it mix for ten minutes. Then extrude to a length of 14 inches.  Bundle each length of pasta separately.

For the Assembly

Brown one sausage link in a small amount of oil on medium heat. Drop one bundle of pasta into boiling salted water for about four minutes. Bring the broth to a simmer. Char spring onions in the same pan as the sausage, then toss together charred onions, pickled fennel, green tomatoes, shaved veal with lime juice and olive oil. Slice sausage on a bias and place sausage down first fanned out in a semi-circle around the left of the bowl (off-center). Build the salad on top of the sliced sausage (following the same semi-circular path) in the center of the bowl and place a tightly wound nest of the pasta. Pour hot broth over the salad and the pasta. Garnish the salad with chili oil and Thai basil.