Tofu with Yuzu-Marinated Petrossian Trout Roe, Scallion, and Fried Ginger

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Yield: 10 Servings


2 cups natural soymilk (pure, no additives) with a protein content of 5% or higher
2 cups plain soy cream
25 milliliters liquid nigari
Yuzu-Marinated Trout Roe
1 cup dashi
¼ cup sake
¼ cup mirin
1 tablespoon grated fresh wasabi
2 tablespoon yuzu juice
⅓ to ½ cup Yamasa or Kikkoman soy sauce
300 grams Petrossian trout roe
Fried Ginger
4 ounces thinly julienned ginger
2 quarts soy sauce
Assemble and Serve
6 ounces finely sliced scallion


For the Tofu:
In a classic-style donabe dish, heat the soy milk and soy cream to 75-80°C. Add the nigari solution, and stir gently until you see the tofu start to set. Cover for 10 to 15 minutes. Serve the tofu cold in the summer and hot in the winter.

For the Yuzu-Marinated Trout Roe:
In a stainless steel mixing bowl mix the dashi, sake, mirin, wasabi, yuzu juice, and soy sauce. Keep chilled. Gently rinse the trout roe in cold running water until you start to see the broken roe float to the top. Discard all broken roe. Continue to run cold water gently over the roe until the roe turns whitish in color. Drain the roe of excess water. Gently transfer the roe to the Yuzu Marinade. Cover and refrigerate for a minimum of one hour.

For the Fried Ginger:
Heat oil to 250°F. Add the ginger to the hot oil, and cook until crispy.

To Assemble and Serve:
Serve a scoop of fresh Tofu and top with Yuzu-Marinated Trout Roe,  the sliced scallion, and a bit of fried ginger. Enjoy!