Australian Lamb Prosciutto and Assorted Charcuterie

Adapted by
November 2011


100 percent Australian lamb leg
4.5 percent Italian coarse sea salt
0.25 percent Instacure #2
0.8 percent black pepper
0.4 percent pimentón
1 percent paprika
0.8 percent chili flakes
0.4 percent black pepper


For this recipe, the ingredient quantities are based on the total weight of the lamb. Remove the H-bone from the lamb leg, taking out any visible veins and blood. With a stainless steal rolling pin, start at the foot and work your way up to the ball joint, trying to get as much of the blood out of the leg as possible and also starting the forming process. Mix the salt, Instacure, and black pepper together.

Pour a fine layer of the salt mixture in a stainless steal hotel pan (or a meat lug, depending quantity). Cover the lamb completely with the salt mixture. Put the leg in the pan, ball joint up. If you have more then one leg you should arrange the other leg(s) so that the ball joints face each other. Store the legs in a cooler, overhauling, and draining all liquid from the pan every 4 days. Make sure all of the legs are covered with salt mixture. Cure for 18 days.

Remove the legs from the pan and rinse and dry them. Mix the pimenton, paprika, chili flakes, and remaining black pepper in a bowl. Cover the legs evenly with the mixture. Tie a loop around the lamb’s foot with butcher’s twine and hang in a dry box at 80 to 85 percent humidity and 52°F to 58°F with moderate air flow for at least 3 months, or until the lamb leg has lost 35 to 40 percent of the its original weight, with a final active water weight of .85 water activity (aw). Store the prosciutto in the cooler. When serving, slice thin as paper.