Bikinis After Dark

Adapted by
May 2015
Yield: 1 cocktail


4 charred pineapple chunks
1 ounce lime juice
½ ounce Demerara syrup
1 ounce orgeat
1 ounce Duquesne aged rhum agricole
1 ounce Appleton V/X rum
½ ounce Hamilton 151 over-proof Demerara rum
pineapple leaves


In a large pint glass, muddle the pineapple chunks. Add lime juice, Demerara syrup, orgeat, and rums to the glass. Fill a shaker with ice; pour contents of the pint glass into the shaker. Shake for 10 seconds. Double strain over crushed ice in a large Tiki mug. Garnish with pineapple leaves.