Sangria: Jellied Spicy Red Fruits with Candied Citrus and Sparkling Rosé-Strawberry Sorbet

Adapted by
October 2011
Yield: 23 Servings


Candied Citrus
12 kumquat slices
300 grams sugar
Jellied Fruits
375 grams Perfect Purée red fruit
1 gram red Thai chile
75 grams citrus juices (yuzu, calamansi, and orange)
75 grams water
0.75 grams maltodextrin
1.2 grams gellan F
1.05 grams gellan LT 100
35 grams pinot noir
8 grams liqueur
Sparkling Rosé and Fruit Sorbet
100 grams water
30 grams sugar
3 grams PreGel sorbet stabilizer
375 milliliters pinot noir -based sparkling rosé
300 grams Perfect Purée Black currants
100 grams Perfect Purée strawberry
10 grams trimoline
Sugar Champagne Glass
100 grams PreGel Magic sugar (isomalt)
To Assemble and Serve
Finger limes
Black raspberries


For the Candied Citrus:
Boil 3 cups of water. Blanch the kumquats and shock in an ice bath. Combine the sugar and 300 grams of water to make a simple syrup. Pour the syrup into three pots, and boil the kumquats 3 times in the syrup for several minutes, once for each pot. Dry overnight.

For the Jellied Fruits:
In a VitaMix blender, blend the red fruit purée with the Thai chili until smooth, strain, and taste; the mixture should be slightly spicy. Prepare molds you are using; if using tubes, make sure to line the bottom with at least 4 layers of plastic wrap to secure completely. Measure the citrus juice and water into a tall, skinny container, and using an immersion blender, hydrate the maltodextrin, gellan F, and gellan LT 100 in the citrus mixture fully for 2 minutes until the mixture is thick and no white particles remain. Combine the Pinot Noir and liqueur with the gel-citrus mixture in a small saucepan, and bring to boil until the mixture becomes fully liquid. Add the red fruit purée mixture to the pan and emulsify using an immersion blender one more time; the mixture must be hot or the reaction will not work. Use a doubled pastry bag to pipe the liquid into molds; tap the molds to remove any air bubbles. Set completely.

For the Sparkling Rosé and Fruit Sorbet:
Bring the water to a simmer in a pot. Whisk together the sugar and stabilizer and whisk mixture into the water, along with the trimoline. Simmer to fully hydrate the stabilizer. Chill the liquid fully over an ice bath and, using an immersion blender, mix in the black currant and strawberry purées. Add in the sparkling wine just before to spinning in an ice cream machine. Churn in an ice cream machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

For the Sugar Champagne Glass:
Prepare a silicone baking mat and rings, and have kitchen shears and the Candied Citrus ready. Cook the isomalt and pour it into the rings 1 tablespoon at a time. Let the isomalt sit for a few seconds, then lift the rings and pull the sugar to resemble a champagne flute. Drop a few candied kumquats into the barrel of the flute and cut the sugar as the top of a glass.

To Assemble and Serve:
Place the Jellied Fruits on the plate. Lay the Sugar Champagne Glass on top of the Fruits and quenelle the Sparkling Rose Sorbet into the Glass. Garnish with the finger limes, blackberries, and candied citrus.