Chateau RyuGin

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Yield: 6 Servings


Clam-Beet Soup
2 medium potatoes, par-cooked, peeled and diced
Walnut oil
walnut wood chips
700 grams clams
1 sheet kombu
1 liter water
500 milliliters sake
½ red beet, peeled and steamed
soy sauce
Burdock Root
1 burdock root, cut into 6 x 2-centimeter pieces and turned (in the shape of a cork)
1-inch piece ginger, chopped
20 milliliters port wine
10 grams Tasmanian berries
To Assemble and Serve
30 grams sea urchin
3 Szechwan leaves
edible flowers


For the Clam-Beet Soup

Fry the potatoes in the walnut oil at 180°F; then smoke with the walnut chips in a smoker. Put the clams and kombu in a pot with the water and sake and bring to a simmer. When the clams open, take them out of the pot, separate the meat from the shell and retain the clam liquid in the pot. Puree the beet with the smoked potatoes, clams, and clam cooking juice to form a soup. Season with salt and soy sauce.

For the Burdock Root

With a red-hot iron, mark the burdock root with a logo, then cook in the dashi with the ginger. Dip one end of the burdock root in the Port and Tasmanian berries to color it as if it were the bottle-side of a wine cork. Set aside.

To Assemble and Serve

Pour the clam-beet soup into an empty wine bottle, close the bottle with a cork and place your label on the bottle. Place one branded, Port-dipped burdock root in a martini glass and surround it with sea urchin, Szechuan leaves, edible flowers, and chives. At the table, uncork the wine bottle and pour the soup over the garnished martini glass.