Adapted by StarChefs.com
November 2021


Pressed Potatoes:
Rice bran oil for frying
2 pounds Idaho or russet potatoes, washed and peeled
Egg Scramble:
4 tablespoons butter
8 eggs, whisked
¼ cup shredded aged white cheddar cheese
¼ cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese
2 scallion whites, chopped
Chopped Bacon:
6 slices bacon, chopped
To Assemble and Serve:
Oil for frying
Black pepper, freshly cracked
Scallion greens, sliced on a bias


For the Pressed Potatoes

Fill a pot no more than half full with rice bran oil. Heat oil to 250°F. Using a cheese grater or food processor, shred potatoes. Immediately drop shredded potatoes into the hot oil then, using a heat-proof spoon, stir for about 30 seconds to prevent clumping. Use a kitchen strainer, transfer potatoes to a parchment-lined quarter sheet tray. Spread potatoes out as evenly as possible then top with another piece of parchment, followed by another quarter sheet tray. Weigh down the sheet tray with a food-safe item. Place the potato trays over another plate or tray in order to catch any oil that drips out from the pressure. Let potatoes rest in fridge until completely cold. 

For the Egg Scramble

In a nonstick pan, melt butter until foamy. Add eggs and season with salt. Gently and slowly scramble eggs to prevent from browning. Once scrambled, add cheeses then cook about 10 to 15 more seconds to melt. Toss in scallion whites. Remove from heat and set aside.

For the Chopped Bacon

In a nonstick pan, render bacon until crispy. 

To Assemble and Serve

Using a ring mold, cut out Pressed Potatoes. Fry at 350°F until golden brown and crispy. Season well with salt. Place a crispy Pressed Potato cake on a plate. Using the same ring mold, evenly layer the Egg Scramble on top of the Pressed Potato cake. Sprinkle Chopped Bacon on top, followed by black pepper and scallions.