Hiramasa Kingfish, Apple, Grape, Fennel

Adapted by StarChefs.com
Yield: 10 servings


Hiramasa Kingfish
1 Hiaramasa Kingfish, filleted and skinned
5 percent salt brine
Compressed Apples
10 green apples
Apple Dressing
25 grams olive oil
25 grams extra virgin olive oil
10 grams tamari
2 grams salt
1 gram Espelette pepper
1 gram xanthan gum
Fennel Cream
3 bulbs fennel
heavy cream
10 grams Ultratex
To Assemble and Serve
maldon salt
olive oil
Shaved fennel, curled in ice water
Shaved Tiny Veggies radish, curled in ice water
Micro fennel
Micro nasturtium leaves


For the Hiramasa

In a nonreactive container, brine fish 10 minutes. Drain and pat dry. Medium dice fish and portion into 1 ounce servings. Refrigerate. 

For the Compressed Apple

Juice 5 of the apples and peel, small dice the remaining 5. In a vacuum bag, seal apples with juice. After 45 minutes, drain and reserve diced apple. Set aside juice for Apple Dressing.

For the Apple Dressing

To a Vitamix blender with 150 grams apple juice, add oils, tamari, salt, and pepper. Blend, slowly sheering in xanthan. When thick, transfer dressing to a squeeze bottle. 

For the Grape Ice

To a Vitamix blender, add juice and salt. Blend, slowly shearing in xanthan gum. When thick, transfer to a shallow half-hotel pan. Insert pan into a vacuum bag and seal, removing all air bubbles. Place a silicone mat on an anti-griddle. Pour 25 grams juice into an appropriate size ring mold set on the mat. When frozen, set aside grape disc in freezer. Repeat with remaining juice.  

For the Fennel Cream

Place fennel bulbs in a pot and cover with heavy cream. Cover with a cartouche and simmer until fennel is very tender. Strain off any excess cream through a chinois and add fennel to a blender. Blend until fully smooth and, with the motor running, add 10 grams of Ultratex to the vortex to thicken purée. Pass the purée through a fine mesh sieve and adjust seasoning, as needed. When the purée is cooled, store and set aside in a squeeze bottle.

To Assemble and Serve

In a bowl, combine 1 portion Hiramasa, 10 grams Compressed Apple, and 5 grams Apple Dressing. Season with Maldon. Using the same size ring mold used for the Grape Ice, plate the hiramasa mixture, packing tightly with a spoon. Place a Grape Ice disc on top and decorate with several dots Fennel Cream. In a small bowl, dress fennel curls with olive oil and salt and place atop cream, giving the garnish as much height as possible. Finish with radish and micro greens. Serve immediately.