Vitamix Videos

By: Nicole Borden

Chef Peter Cho | Han Oak | Portland, OR
"We use a Vitamix blender everyday. The sort of basic foundation of all of our cooking and our dishes is getting a nice, smooth puree" - Chef Peter Cho of Han Oan
Bartender David Chapman| Kimball House | Decatur, GA
"One of the really great things about The Quiet One is how quickly it gets work done."
Chef Joey Ward | Gunshow | Atlanta, GA
"The Vitamix that we have at Gunshow is one of our irreplaceable items. We use them to create special textures..."
Chef Page Pressley | Emmer & Rye | Austin, TX
"It really has a hand in every section of our menu."
Pastry Chef Tavel Bristol-Joseph | Emmer & Rye | Austin, TX
"Vitamix is a very important, essential part of what we do on a day to day basis. You can put it through a lot and utilize it, sometimes, 10-15 times a day, and it does its job. That's why I love it. "