Hobart LXGe #ProtectMyDrink Campaign

Hobart LXGe #ProtectMyDrink Campaign

Is your glass really all that clean? Chemicals and residues from glass washing, the third wheel of your cocktail, wine, and beer, seem ubiquitous and just won't go away. With the all-new Advansys™ Hobart LXGe Glasswasher, you can remain worry-free, since it eliminates the need for chemical sanitizers and thoroughly cleans your glassware with no residue.

Join us for #ProtectMyDrink Instagram campaign! To join, simply..

  • Snap a photo of your drink—cocktails, wines, beers, brews, anything goes!
  • Post it on your Instagram account with hashtags #LXGe and #protectmydrink. Also, don't forget to tag @hobartperfectglass to let us know you're in it to win it!
  • Hurry! The deadline for this competition is September 20, 2015.
  • Get a chance to win an LXGe glasswasher, as well as tickets to the 10th Annual StarChefs International Chefs Congress on October 25 to 27 this year in Brooklyn. The winner will also have the opportunity to appear in a Hobart LXGe video.
  • Bring your best Instagram A-game, and protect your drink the way it deserves.

Hobart #ProtectMyDrink Campaign Official Terms & Conditions

Hobart LXGe #ProtectMyDrink Campaign is open to beverage professionals including bartenders, sommeliers, brewers, and beverage directors. Participants must submit a completed Instagram post to be considered. Winner selection is determined by StarChefs and Hobart, and will be based on judging criteria as stated on the campaign site at StarChefs.com. 

The campaign will run for about a month from August 15, 2015 to September 20, 2015. Winner will be announced through StarChefs.com.


  • Participants post a photo of a drink on Instagram
  • Eligible posts must contain the Hobart Instagram handle (@hobartperfectglass) and hashtags: #LXGe and #protectmydrink
  • Participants must specify cocktail’s name and ingredient; for wine and beer, participants must specify the details of the drink including vintage, varietal, and style
  • Example post: 

Judging Criteria

  • Photo quality
  • Photo creativity
  • Likes/commenting (In determining the Judging Criteria, the Sponsor may consider the quantity of “likes” and comments associated with a Photo Submission, but the number of “likes” or comments will not determine the winning submission.)


  • LXGe glasswasher
  • Tickets to StarChefs International Chefs Congress
  • Appearance in a Hobart LXGe video