Fresh Origins Videos

Fresh Origins Videos

Fresh Origins provides the best MicroGreens and its related product line for chefs and industry professionals. Here are some of the StarChefs-exclusive videos that illustrate how versatile Fresh Origins products are. See how professional chefs are using them!


Rose Panna Cotta
Pastry Chef Erin Kanagy-Loux of Reynard @ The Wythe Hotel - Brooklyn, NY

Alaskan King Crab Salad, Black Truffle Vinaigrette, Lemon Crème Fraiche
Chef Joe Palma of Bourbon Steak - Washington, D.C.


Heart of Palm Salad with Shaved Summer Onions and Fresh Origins Greens
Shaun Hergatt of Juni - New York, NY


Curried Swordfish with Tamarind, Banana, Coconut, and Peanut
Phillip Foss of El Ideas - Chicago, IL