Fresh Origins Products

Fresh Origins Products

We pride ourselves in having the most extensive variety of MicroGreens, Petite™Greens, Edible Flowers and related items available. We continually add new and exciting varieties to our list. Here are just a few of our cutting-edge original creations.


  • Grown in the ideal climate, resulting in superior quality
  • Robust, deep colors, intense flavors
  • Longer shelf-life
  • Extensive variety list; over 115 MicroGreens
  • Grown all year
  • Grown Naturally, not Factory-Farmed in a building with artificial lights

Petite Greens

  • Stronger flavors than microgreens
  • Adds even more flavor, color, texture, and versatility
  • When a bigger impact is needed
  • We grow almost 100 varieties of Petite™Greens

Edible Flowers

Fresh Origins offers many varieties of edible flowers such as pansy, batchelor’s buttons, calendula, marigold, chrysanthemum, snapdragon, carnation, dahlia, nasturtium, viola, and others. With their vibrant colors, textures, scents and flavors, these dazzling beauties are gaining in popularity as a highly creative culinary ingredient in anything from salads, and soups, to main entrees and desserts. The availability of these edible flowers can depend upon the season and weather conditions.

Herb Crystals

Herb Crystals® and Flower Crystals® are an innovative original concept from Fresh Origins! With dazzling, all-natural colors, an exciting crunch and incredible flavors of fresh flowers and herbs, these are spectacular new flavor ingredients. The pure color and flavor comes only from the fresh whole herbs and flowers with no added flavors or coloring! All are Kosher Certified. We start by growing the most flavorful fresh herbs, and edible flowers. They are shelf stable and are best used before 6 months. They can be frozen for longer shelf-life. Very versatile and easy to use.