Umami Food And Art Festival, 2012

In its third installment, Umami food and art festival offers an appetizing assortment of multi-sensory events. From rock concerts to hands-on workshops, the festival presents a variety of hybrid creations bringing together food and art in numerous locations in downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn. Each event is a unique eye-opening, palate-teasing experience.

Umami kicks off on Thursday, April 12th with The Recipe Project: recipes by some of New York's top chefs scored by Indie rock band One Ring Zero. Lead by composer Michael Hearst, the band experimented with a variety of musical styles according to each chef's vision. Mario Batali, Tom Collicio, and David Chang are among the lyrics contributors. This event brings together live music, delicious food and drinks, and some reflections on both -- courtesy of photographer and food writer Michael Harlan Turkell, who will be hosting a special addition of his talk show The Food Seen on Heritage Network Radio, live from Roulette.

A full program of events is available online at and includes artist Tattfoo Tan's exploration of cereal: combining an art show with hands-on audience participation, accompanied by music and drinks at Williamsburg's 3rd Ward; Israeli chefs, producers, and artists come together at Astor Center for a multi-sensory experience of place and taste including a spice-mixing workshop, wine tasting, and beautiful art with unexpected materials; a screening of short artists' food films will be accompanied by Mihir Desai's experimental culinary creations; chefs Robert Truitt and Brian Sullivan deconstruct the process behind pastry making with the Experimental Cuisine Collective; Lighthouse restaurant will host a panel discussion on the challenges and rewards of running an environmentally responsible, community based food business; a children's workshop; and a culinary challenge for teams of culinary and art students working together to explore the creative side of the cooking process round out this year's program.

"By bringing these artists together with culinary professionals through performances, discussions and workshops, we wish to expose them to new audiences while stirring a debate around the role of food and food professionals in our society. Our intention is to use art to increase awareness of the power food has to influence and shape both diners and cooks," said festival director Yael Raviv.


About Umami:

Umami: food and art festival was created in 2008, to foster collaborations between artists and food professionals. The festival features events that are interdisciplinary and collaborative, creating an interchange of ideas and stirring debate about the role of food and art in our society. Umami encourages art based in everyday life and materials, illustrating that art can be found anywhere and can be produced at any time with the simplest means. The festival's key objectives are (1) to use food as a common thread to look at and integrate art into daily life and (2) to broaden the horizon of food as an artistic medium.

High resolution photos from Umami 2008 and 2010 are available for press.

Umami is excited to be collaborating with the NY Food Museum and to support its mission to "encourage people think about the food they eat." The festival benefits from the aid and support of a variety of food and art organizations and businesses such as NY State Council for the Arts, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Gastronomica Magazine, the Experimental Cuisine Collective, Franklin Furnace, Astor Center, Unilever, Whole Foods Market, 3rd Ward, and ARTIS, among others.


Yael Raviv (917) 533-3834