The Truffle Truck hits the US


The Truffle Truck Launches First Food Truck in Portland, Maine


Petaluma, CA (May 4, 2018) The Truffle Truck will begin serving mouth-watering, truffle forward dishes, on four-wheels, to the glitterati of the Portland, Maine food world on May 15th. The first Truffle Truck, recently designed in Tuscany, Italy, will park outside Donatelli’s Tailor (109 Congress St, Portland) for the launch event, celebrating the newest and most innovative food truck to hit the scene in years. Following the event, The Truffle Truck has a full line up of public stops which can all be found here:


Rather than typical street food offerings, The Truffle Truck will focus on traditional dishes of Italy that feature upscale ingredients like the elusive Italian truffle, fresh egg pasta, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and local, seasonal produce and ingredients, all at approachable prices.


This one-of-a-kind food experience is the brainchild of co-founders Anthony Fratianne of Maine and Italian-born Edoardo Giacone. Both passionate about good food, where it comes from, and entrepreneurial business, they bonded over a great meal and an especially fragrant white truffle while Fratianne was visiting the Renaissance Villa & Hotel of Giacone and his wife, Italian architect Elena Foccoli, who created the design for the Truffle Truck.


The idea of marrying Italian cuisine, Italian truffles, and Maine's fresh local ingredients, resonated so deeply with the two men that within a week the company was formed and the trademark was filed.


“I'm a little biased, but Italian food is the best because it's about very simple, seasonal, local ingredients and bringing people together,” said Fratianne, an Italian-American and Portland resident who grew up enjoying his grandmother’s Italian meals.


Offering dishes of a quality often only enjoyed in Italy, made with local and seasonal ingredients was at the cornerstone of the idea when they enlisted Italian born and classically trained executive chef Corrado Cassoni of Northern Italy. His world-class culinary background is what inspired such dishes as Potato Stuffed Agnolotti and Truffle ($15), Tajarin 30 Yolks Pasta and Truffle ($15), Sunny Side Eggs with Truffle Butter and Fried Polenta ($13) and Carbonara with Maine Lobster and Truffle (market price). With vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options called out on the menu, the goal is for a couple on a date to feel as comfortable ordering from The Truffle Truck as a family with kids.


The Truffle Truck team has secured Italian food and beverage suppliers from respected brands like Ferrarelle Water and Urbani Truffles while working diligently to sign on local farms as well for produce and other ingredients.


With plans to launch more Truffle Trucks across major US cities, the team, which also includes Fratianne’s sister Jill Fratianne and Giacone’s wife Elena making it truly an Italian-family affair, feels its important to first get it right in their home state.


“We know Maine, and the wonderful local bounty of foods available here that will blend perfectly in Italian recipes, and we want that reflected on our menu,” said Edoardo Giacone. “We think food lovers here are ready for really great, truly authentic Italian food at prices you’d find in Italy, but that feature local ingredients of their area and this will be the plan with our next trucks outside of Maine as well.”


To view the complete menu and learn more about franchise opportunities visit:


For press inquiries, or to request an invitation to The Truffle Truck launch event on May 15th 



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