Trestle on Tenth in NYC Kicks-Off 8th Annual Alpine-Inspired Metzgete or 'Butcher's Affair' Available Today, January 14th through 23rd, 2016

Traditional Swiss-themed Culinary Festival Celebrating the Pig from Snout to Tail to Feature an Assortment of House-made Terrine, Sausages, Pork Belly Served Alongside Authentic Alpine-inspired​ Side Dishes

(NEW YORK, NY) – Beginning today, ​Thursday, January 14th​,​ and available through Saturday, January 23rd during dinner service only, Trestle on Tenth (242 10th Avenue, New York, NY 10001; (212) 645-5659;; @TrestleonTenth) is hosting its 8th annual ‘Metzgete’ or ‘Butcher’s Affair’, celebrating the pig. Swiss native Chef/Owner Ralf Kuettel began this traditional Swiss-themed culinary festival 8 years ago when he decided to draw inspiration from his childhood exploring some of his most cherished culinary memories growing up in Switzerland at the foothills of the Alps – especially those memories and dishes that kept him and his family warm during the harsh and cold winter months.
Every year in the fall Kuettel and his family – including his father who was a notable local game warden – would prepare for winter by butchering a pig and then utilize every part of the animal - whole animal utilization - a process that has always been important to Kuettel as a chef. The celebration – enjoyed at home and/or in many local Swiss restaurants – utilizes all parts of the pig turning it into an assortment of traditional dishes ranging from Pork Belly, House-made Bratwurst, and Liver Sausage, to Head Cheese, and Charcuterie, to highlight a few. The hearty pork-centric dishes are then served alongside house-made sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, mustard, and applesauce. Metzgete at Trestle on Tenth can be enjoyed both family-style and for individual diners as well. The feast pairs perfectly with a glass of Chasselas, one of Switzerland's most notable white wines, or a bottle of artisanal Swiss beer, all available at Trestle on Tenth.
Opened in 2006, Trestle on Tenth is an award-winning restaurant from Chef/Owner Ralf Kuettel located in West Chelsea celebrated for offering a powerful beverage program and rustic Alpine-inspired cuisine showcasing ingredients and inspiration from the mountains to the sea that pay homage to beautiful dishes found North of the European Alps. Trestle on Tenth also celebrates utilizing fresh ingredients – local and seasonal – many from some of the most respected vendors and purveyors in the country. For additional information on Trestle on Tenth, please visit www.TrestleonTenth, call (212) 645-5659, or on Twitter/Instagram @TrestleonTenth.
pork butter, grieben, salmon roe and rye bread 8
pork terrine with frisee and radishes 9
house-cured and smoked pork belly 7
onion, bacon and vacherin mont d'or tart 12
head cheese with house-made mustard and pickled red cabbage 9
winter soup, smoked pork broth, chicken, white beans and sour cream 10
crepinette of pork shoulder with sautéed spinach 12
schlachtplatte 26
house-made sausages, braised pork belly, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, apple sauce, horseradish whipped cream
saucisson vaudvois 24
smoked cabbage and garlic sausage with braised lentils and grated horseradish
smoked and roasted pork loin with potato gratin 23
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Kyle Schmitz
​Washington, DC​