Top Chefs Tour Jacques Torres' Private Chocolate Factory, Toast With Champagne Taittinger

On Tuesday, over 80 of the world's top pastry chefs visited Jacques Torres at his private Chocolate Factory in Brooklyn Army Terminal. The highly exclusive event featured a behind-the-scenes tour and notable guests got to sample all of the acclaimed chocolatiers finest delicacies while sipping, pairing, and celebrating with Champagne Taittinger's signature Brut La Française. As one of the last family owned and operated grand marquee Champagne houses, Champagne Taittinger represents the art of celebrating at it's finest.

The master pastry chefs are currently in NYC to celebrate the 35th anniversary of The Relais Desserts Associations, which François Payard is hosting. Jacques Torres Chocolate Factory was one of their first stops - and all the chefs were very delighted to be there! 

Attendees included: Jacques Torres (Jacques Torres Chocolate), Patrick Agnellet (Patrick Agnellet Chocolatier), Sadaharu Aoki (pâtisserie Sadaharu Aoki), Michel Bannwarth (Relais), Jean Paul Bardet, Joel Baud (Baud), Eric Baumann-Peterka (Eric's Confiserie Baumann), Michel Belin (Relais Desserts), Vianney Bellanger, Bernard Besse (Borzeix Besse Chocolatier), Luigi Biasetto (Biasetto), Nicolas Boucher (Dalloyau), Sébastien Bouillet (Henri Bouillet), Olivier Buisson (Le Chardon Bleu), Sébastien Brocard (Patisserie Brocard), Christophe Calderon's (Relais Desserts), Frédéric Cassel (F Cassel), Alain Chartier, William Curley, Vincent Dallet (Patisserie Vincent Dallet), Claire Damon (Des Gateaux et du Pain), Jean-Philippe Darcis, Jérôme Oliveira (Intuitions by Jérôme Oliveira), Arthur de Rouw (Patisserie de Rouw), Laurent Duchene, Marc Ducobu (Pâtisserie DUCOBU), Pascal Dupuy (Pascal), Eric Escobar (Escobar Gourmandise), Franck Fresson (FRESSON), Patrick Gelencser (Chocolats Gelencser), Maëlig Georgelin (Au Petit Prince), Thierry Gilg (Patisserie Gilg), Volker Gmeiner (Confiserie Kaffeehaus Gmeiner), François Granger (Patisserie Francois), Vincent Guerlais (Guerlais), Luc Guillet (À Partager, les cours de pâtisserie par Luc Guillet), Alban Guilmet (Patisserie Alban Guilmet), Pierre Jouvaud (Relais Desserts), Pierre Hermé, Hideki Kawamura (A Tes Souhaits), Pascal Lac (Pâtisserie Lac), Arnaud Larher, Laurent Le Daniel, Arnaud Marquet, Denis Matyasy (Matyasy, Miguel Moreno (Mallorca Madrid), Damien Moutarlier, Lucien Moutarlier, Thierry Mulhaupt (Mulhaupt), Jeff Oberweis (Oberweis), Taihei Oikawa, Yoshinari Otsuka (Jacques), Francois Payard (Payard), Raynald Petit (Chocorey7), Jean Paul Pignol (Maison Pignol), Dominique Pilati (Pilati Patisserie), Giovanni Pina (Pasticceria Giovanni Pina), Michel Pottier (Pâtisserie Grandin), Bernard Proot (DelRey), Lionel Raux (Chocoholic Bliss), Jean Michel Raynaud (Baroque Bistro), Roberto Rinaldini (Rinaldini), Daniel Rebert (Rebert), Christophe Roussel, Richard Seve (Chocolat Seve), Norihiko Terai (Aigre Douce), Jacob Torreblanca Coloma (Torreblanca), Aurélien Trottier (Artisan Passionne), Marco Valier (Cafe-Konditorei Valier KG), Eric Vergne (Patisserie Vergne), amongst others.

Champagne Taittinger