RHUM J.M EXPANDS PORTFOLIO BY INTRODUCING 110 PROOF BLANC RHUM NEW YORK - SPIRIBAM Fine Rum Specialists recently announced the upcoming release of a 110-proof expression of its Rhum J.M White Rhum Agricole. The new product, Rhum J.M Blanc 55%, will satiate a demand led by a popular surge in premium craft and high-proof spirits. Since 1845, Rhum J.M has been regarded as one of the Caribbean’s most prestigious rum distilleries. The brand’s line of expressions is renowned by some of the finest cocktail bars in the world and are used as a core ingredient in some of the world’s most innovative cocktails. This 110-proof expression will be bottled in liters, offering an additional advantage for buyers, and will be complementary to Rhum J.M’s already established line of white rhum, which includes Rhum J.M Blanc at 80 proof and 100 proof respectively. “This is a long-awaited moment for the US rum market. Not only is Rhum J.M a gorgeous and beloved rhum amongst the bartending community, but this release fills a void in the over-proof Martinique Rhum Agricole category that has since been embraced,” explains Kiowa Bryan, Marketing Director of SPIRIBAM, the brand’s US importer. Produced at the foot of Martinique’s volcanic Mount PelĂ©e, rhum drinkers can expect the typical notes of ripe tropical fruit accompanied by a heavy minerality and touch of salinity. Rhum J.M Blanc 110 proof couldn’t be more perfect for the traditional Martinique cocktail, the Ti’ Punch, which offers a strong rhum flavor, a dash of sweet (sugarcane syrup), and a bit of sour - balanced with a touch of citrus oil (squeeze of fresh lime zest & juice). Rhum J.M 55% will be launched across the United States from July 2019 at an approximate retail price of $36.99 per liter. Customers across the country (with the exception of those from AL, IL, KY, MI, MS, NH, SD, & UT) will be able to order the product and have it conveniently shipped directly. To order, simply visit www.spiribam.com or www.RhumJMusa.com and press “SHOP NOW.” ABOUT RHUM J.MEstablished in 1845 by Jean-Marie Martin, Rhum J.M, for nearly two centuries, has displayed raw talent and craftsmanship through its portfolio of Rhum Agricole. As one of the smaller producers of Rhum Agricole, the components of Rhum J.M come from around the distillery and the people that work there. From the breezy volcanic sugarcane fields to the humid, salty aging environment, to the estate's mineral spring water used in the rhum, it is the place where Rhum J.M is made that is the signature of the rhum's quality. For more information please visit www.rhumjmusa.com.


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