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Rabbit House, a couple of express and local trains away or maybe just a walk around the neighborhood. located on the border of the Lower east side and Chinatown, less than a block away from the grand street station this fine restaurant has caused quite the attraction in the local area. Opened since March, Rabbit House has made quite the impression with reviews about their signature dishes and cocktails. Besides being a restaurant as well a wine bar, Rabbit House has a lot to offer for those with taste pallets of a sake sommelier. Serving some of the most premium sake along with details of the origins as well as a non typical approach of cuisines, you might find yourself looking for this hidden gem yourself.


Owned by Chef Yoshiko Sakuma (Jewel Bako, Del Posto, and Bouley). Rabbit House is a place of unique style cuisine severed as tapas with a hint of european and japanese influence along with an array of wine and sake. "Tako-Taco" (Taco means 'Octopus' in Japanese), "Trapped Rabbit" , "Addicted Spare Rib" are very popular menu in here. A cozy and intimate environment, done with a service where the bar is the best  spot to be along with the chef herself.


Chef Yoshiko Sakuma

Rabbit House

76 Forsyth Street

New York, New York

(212) 343-4200