Local Grown Salads to Talk Vertical Farming at Global Sustainability Summit

Eli Green
Local Grown Salads Inc.
Local Grown Salads to Present at Global Sustainability Summit
Indoor Vertical Farming Innovator to Discuss Industry With Major Food Retailers

Toronto, ON: Local Grown Salads Inc., an indoor agriculture company specializing in stand-alone vertical farming units and Controlled Agricultural Environment facilities, announced today that its President and chief innovator, Zale Tabakman, will be a featured presenter at the Food Marketing Institute and Grocery Manufacturers Association's Global Sustainability Summitin Nashville, TN. Taking place from August 9-11, 2017, the Summit provides food and consumer products companies the tools and solutions needed to make themselves and their products sustainable and future-ready.

Zale Tabakman's presentation, entitled "The Future of Food Sustainability: Local and Indoor Vertical Farming", will give attendees insights into indoor vertical farming and the changes it will bring to the food marketplace, including fresher, more nutritious, higher quality, better tasting, and healthier food. It will also delve into how taking greater control over the growing environment significantly reduces food safety risk, minimizes strain on the environment, and results in a longer-lasting product.

From planting to harvesting, packaging to distribution the need for sustainability is changing the market. Presentation attendees will learn how indoor vertical growing addresses existing practical challenges and creates new opportunities.

Sharing his excitement in this influential summit, Zale Tabakman said, "This is a wonderful opportunity for the world's leading retailers to get insight and solid decision-making information about the indoor vertical growing industry. The indoor vertical market is expected to be in the billions within a few years, and will totally change the value chain from farmer to retailer."

Zale is presenting between 9:15 am and 10:15 am on Friday, August 11th in the Concurrent Interactive Workshops. For more information on the presentation and other Global Sustainability Summit events, click here.

About Local Grown Salads: Local Grown Salads is a grower and packager of leafy green salads. Local Grown Salads' indoor vertical farming systems is designed bottom up for food safety and sustainable agriculture. LGS is the only fully integrated indoor/vertical growing company with scalable technology in the world. Our products are organic, pesticide free, herbicide free, and insecticide free.
Local Grown Salad's goal is to feed the world by harvesting a salad in the morning and having it on a dinner plate that evening. The LGS Growing Centre Technology consists of Patent Pending Growing Technology located in Growing Rooms surrounding an Integrated Packaging Room. The layout enables a vegetable to be harvested and packaged within 15 minutes and delivered locally within the hour.
Videos available at www.LocalGrownSalads.com/Videos.

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