A Jury of Excellence Selects the Best Argentine Wines

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Argentina Wine Awards 2016

 A Jury of Excellence Selects the Best Argentine Wines

 The Winners of the 2016 AWA!
2016 Argentina Wine Awards Winners
On the tenth anniversary of the most prestigious awards of Argentina's wine industry, international professionals from Brazil, Canada, China, Hong Kong, England, Italy, Mexico, Sweden, and the USA; and prominent local personalities announce the winners of the Argentina Wine Awards 2016.
With new recognitions such as “Best Young Winemaker" and “Personality of the Last 10 Years" to be awarded during the competition, highlighting the growth of our wines in the world over the past decade….
Mendoza, February 20, 2016 - On the evening of Friday 19th, at a crowded cocktail party at Bodega Lagarde, the winners of the Argentina Wine Awards 2016 were announced, the most important contest in the Argentine wine industry organized by Wines of Argentina and the Argentine Wine Corporation (COVIAR).
Over 300 representatives attended a day of seminars and panels at the Intercontinental Hotel.  International judges presented wines with unique characteristics from USA, Australia, France, Spain and Chile at the seminar "Creating the Future”.  Furthermore, Major Market Trends for Argentine wines were delivered by specialists to discuss global overview of what is happening in markets like the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Mexico, Brazil, China, Chile, Sweden and the United Kingdom
After a week of careful tasting conducted by 13 international judges and 7 national professionals who tasted 672 samples, the results were:
Regional Trophies the winners were: Valles del Norte, Serie Fincas Notables Tannat 2013, Bodega El Esteco. Valles de San Juan, Pyros Single Vineyard Malbec 2013, Pyros Wines. Valles de Mendoza, Numina Gran Corte 2013, Bodegas Salentein. Valles Patagónicos, Riccitelli Old Vines Semillon 2015, Riccitelli Wines.
Chardonnay Trophy: Retail U$S 13.00 – 19.99, Medalla Chardonnay 2014, Bodega Trapiche.
Torrontés Trophy: Retail U$S 13.00 – 19.99, Ciclos Torrontés 2015 Bodega El Esteco.
Cabernet Sauvignon Trophy:   Retail U$S 30.00-49.99, Viña Cobos Bramare Luján de Cuyo Cabernet Sauvignon 2013.
Malbec Trophy: Retail U$S 13.00-19.99, ‘The Apple Does Not Fall Far From the Tree’ 2014, Riccitelli Wines.
Malbec Trophy: Retail: U$S 20.00-29.99, Ben Marco Malbec 2013 Dominio del Plata.
Malbec Trophy: Retail: U$S 30.00-49.99, Dedicado Malbec 2014 Finca Flichman.
Malbec Trophy: Retail: U$S 50+, Bramare Touza Vineyard Malbec 2013, Viña Cobos.
Red Blend Trophy: Retail: U$S 6.99 – 12.99, Altaland Tinto Histórico 2015. Bodegas Esmeralda
Red Blend Trophy: Retail: U$S 30.00-49.99, Porvenir Icon 2013 El Porvenir de Cafayate.
Red Blend Trophy: Retail: U$S 50+ Anthology XXXVIII 2012, La Rural Viñedos y Bodegas.

Best Young Winemaker: Presented to Germán Berra, Bodega Finca Flichman
The award for “Best Young Winemaker," recognizes the work of the new generation of professionals under 40. 

The Award for Personality of Last 10 Years: Presented to Dr. Nicolas Catena Zapata
The award for “Personality of the Last 10 years," recognize the work that the individual has done to put the Argentine wine business on the map.

Download the here full list of winners here

In his speech, Guillermo Barzi (J) the President of Wines of Argentina said: “The Argentina Wines Awards allows us to actively shape the future and share our passion with the world. Over the past 10 years the presence of our wines has grown hugely, gaining new markets which now know our winemaking philosophy, the variety of our terroirs and our varietal star: Malbec. The national industry has experimented, innovated and perfected to create a bright future of excellence with the AWA accompanying this growth. "

Our 2016 AWA Jury:
Yang Lu (China), Anthony Gismondi (Canada) Marcos Flores Tlalpan (Mexico), Sarah Jane Evans MW (England), Jennifer Luk (Hong Kong), Göran Klintberg (Sweden), Paul Hobbs (USA), Phil Crozier (England), Adolar Hermann (Brazil), Alberto Antonini (Italy ), Jorge Lucki (Brazil), Patricio Tapia (Chile) and Philip MS Virginia (USA). National jurors were Sebastián Zuccardi, Roberto de la Mota, Daniel Pi, Andrea Marchiori, Valeria Antolín, Mariano Di Paola and Jose "Pepe" Galante.
Rewarding both the quality and the progress of Argentina's wine industry, 4 Regional Trophies, 10 Trophies, 16 Gold Medals, 257 Silver Medals and 317 Bronze medals were awarded.
Today, the industry is facing new challenges of Argentine Viticulture. Therefore, the anniversary edition of the AWA 2016 looked at these 10 years of work and reaffirmed that Argentine wines are creating the future. A future full of hope and one that is moving forward in an industry that is constantly evolving.

About the AWA
Hosted by Wines of Argentina and Wine Corporation Argentina (COVIAR), the Argentina Wine Awards (AWA) is an iconic event were domestic wineries submit samples for a blind tasting to a jury of outstanding wine professionals.
The wineries must submit bottled wine samples available in both the domestic and export markets classified by type, variety and price.
Hunt & Coady, a British consulting company is in charge of all logistics to ensure transparency and to ensure an impeccable organization.
In each edition the jury varies to provide a framework strengthening the different facets of the export target markets. The attendance of 12 highly qualified foreign specialists is always guaranteed such as Wine journalists, Masters of Wine, Master Sommeliers, Wine Bloggers or Winemakers. In addition, six leading Argentine experts join the team of the International judges.
Wines of Argentina, the entity responsible for the VINO ARGENTINO brand’s image worldwide. Since 1993, WofA has been promoting the image of wines abroad, and studying and analyzing the changes that occur in export markets to assist the wineries in their export strategies. Its aim is to contribute to the consolidation of Argentina among major wine exporting countries in the world and to contribute to the overall success of the wine industry, seeking to raise the positive perception in the trade, opinion leaders and consumers. www.winesofargentina.com  Facebook: Wines of Argentina Twitter @WinesofArg
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About Argentina Wine Corporation (Corporación Vitivinícola Argentina):
Argentina Wine Corporation manages and coordinates the actions necessary to meet the objectives of the Strategic Plan Argentina Wine 2020, taking on the challenge of transforming the wine sector and boost, with strategic vision, strengths and opportunities in the global wine market of grapes, juice grape concentrate, raisins and table grapes. The Strategic Plan has been designed to create value through the organization and integration of all the different sectors in the wine industry with the goal of producing wines and other wine related products of higher quality and consistency.
www.coviar.com.ar  Facebook: Corporation Viticultural Argentina Twitter: @ Coviar1.

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