FLAVORS UNKNOWN PODCAST CELEBRATES ITS FIRST ANNIVERSARY WITH “REVERSE” INTERVIEW OF HOST EMMANUEL LAROCHE Berkeley Heights, NJ, October 17, 2019 – In a twist on its conventional format, the most recent episode of the Flavors Unknown podcast featured the podcast founder and interviewer, Emmanuel Laroche, on the other side of the microphone as the subject of the interview.Emmanuel launched the Flavors Unknown podcast in September of 2018 to give creative professionals a platform to talk about their passion for food, their inspirations and their mentors. He interviews trending Chefs, Pastry Chefs, and Bartenders from around the country to get a behind-the-scenes look at their creative processes and the latest ingredients and flavors they are experimenting with.

For the current episode, Emmanuel turned the interview over to Katie Schlientz, CEO at CommuniKate Media. Katie is a well-known journalist and foodie who manages the intoxicate.com website. In this “reverse” interview, Katie and Emmanuel talked about the factors that inspired him to pursue a career in food, going back to his youth in the northeast region of France, where he learned to cook at a very early age, making delicious yogurt cakes and quiches by the time he turned six. His love for food and the creativity of cooking evolved over the years. As a student, he focused on chemistry and became a leading marketer in the industrial flavor industry. The more he learned about the food and beverage industry, the deeper his respect became for the amount of research and intense work chefs and mixologists must go through to discover new flavors chords and create unique offerings.Over the past year, Emmanuel has produced 27 episodes of the Flavors Unknown podcast. He has been fortunate to interview and gain insights from three well-known celebrity Chefs: David Burke, Edward Lee, and Jose Garces. He has sat with Andre Natera, the Executive Chef for the Fairmont Hotel in Austin, Texas, who talked about the differences between being a restaurant Chef and a hotel Chef. He learned about the concept of “Foraging and Feasting” from Chef Drew Adams, spent time with cannabis sommelier Philip Wolf in Colorado, and spoke with Angel Teta about her roles as bar manager of Ataula restaurant in Oregon and as a National Whiskey Guardian for Angels Envy brand bourbon. These culinary leaders openly spoke about what they love about being chef, how they see their industry evolving and how they are addressing the challenges that they and others in the industry are facing.

As the Flavors Unknown podcast heads into its second year, it continues to grow and evolve. Episode downloads are currently averaging about 300 per episode and are rising. But more important for Emmanuel is the feedback from Chefs, who have told him how much they value the podcast and appreciate the opportunity to speak freely with a professional foodie who has no agenda other than giving them an opportunity to talk about what they love.****To learn more about Flavors Unknown or to arrange an interview with Emmanuel, email him at contact@flavorsunknown.com.  About Flavors UnknownLaunched in September of 2018 by Emmanuel Laroche, a well-respected professional in the global food & beverage industry, Flavors Unknown is a podcast for kitchen and bar professionals, foodies and wannabe foodies. It was launched as a platform where creative food and beverage professionals can speak directly about their inspirations and motivations. If you’re a Chef or a Bartender and you’re curious about your peers’ creative process and professional tips, “Flavors Unknown” is for you! Likewise, if you’re a foodie who enjoys hearing how Chefs, Pastry Chefs and Bartenders conceptualize and create the tastes that delight us, “Flavors Unknown” is for you!Podcast title: flavors unknown
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