Contact:          Diana Lopez StarkusCO of Marketing & Brand DevelopmentCell:                 503.913.1532Email:             diana@bossdefrost.comFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEDecember 16, 2019                                                                               CHEF CHRIS STARKUS OF URBAN FARMER MAKES A MOVE TOWARD SUSTAINABILITY DENVER, COLORADO -- Chris Starkus, Executive Chef, is leaving his post at Urban Farmer Denver for a future in sustainability and water conservation.  Partnering with Colorado-based Boss Defrost, Starkus’s new focus is to advocate for water conservation in commercial kitchens. “Sustainability is always at the heart of everything I do,” says Starkus, “and I have the chance to speak for ways to achieve 360-degree sustainability in every commercial kitchen across the United States.  With Boss Defrost, I can directly address water waste streams.” Boss Defrost is an innovative appliance that mimics the USDA’s running water method to defrost food but uses 98.5% less water in the process.  Many of Denver’s 11,000+ restaurants use the running water method every day with no current alternative. “With Boss Defrost, we aim to change the industry standard for thawing food,” says Starkus.  “We can save millions of gallons of potable water a year.  I want our nation’s waterways to remain viable for generations to come.” ###Boss Defrost is transforming how kitchens thaw frozen food, offering a NOW solution to water waste streams in every commercial kitchen worldwide.  For more information about how we’re changing industry standards regarding the cold water running method, please visit


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