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   Contact:          Diana Lopez StarkusCO of Marketing & Brand DevelopmentCell:                 503.913.1532Email:             diana@bossdefrost.comFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                    December 16, 2019                                                                               BOSS DEFROST OFFERS SOLUTION TO RESTAURANT WATER WASTEDENVER, COLORADO – Denver, Colorado – Restaurants across the United States successfully support the message that food waste is bad news.  But what about the waste streams behind the scenes?  One of the most astonishing restaurant waste streams is literally just that – streaming water.  Boss Defrost’s Co-founder and CEO, Mac Marsh, took notice of the massive amounts of fresh water used to thaw food and made it his goal to find a solution.  The average commercial kitchen uses approximately 32,000 gallons a month defrosting food with the cold running water method.  Boss Defrost can lower water waste by up to 98.5 %, using only 450 gallons a month for the same defrosting method. Boss Defrost is an innovative, easy-to-use, NSF-certified commercial kitchen appliance that mimics the cold water running method.  On average, it can pay for itself within three months.  It’s also an immediate solution to prevent potable (drinkable) water waste. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) outlines four ways to safely defrost food.  The most widely used by commercial kitchens -- cold water thawing – requires continuously running water.  The running water method uses approximately 2.5 gallons of water per minute.  Multiply that by weeks, then months, and the enormity of the potable water waste stream becomes clear. Boss Defrost’s vision is to empower restaurants with the ability to prevent water waste in daily business practices without incurring higher operating costs. It is our belief that going green is a competitive advantage and a necessary business model to preserve our natural resources for future generations. “Boss Defrost will revolutionize the industry standard for defrosting food,” says Marsh, “and give us a course of action to protect one of our most precious resources.”###Boss Defrost is transforming how kitchens thaw frozen food, offering a NOW solution to water waste streams in every commercial kitchen worldwide.  For more information about how we’re changing industry standards regarding the cold water running method, please visit


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