Birra Antoniana Launches Italian Craft Beer Line in U.S. Market


Birra Antoniana Launches Italian Craft Beer Line in U.S. Market

Padua-based Beer Brand to Offer Four Product SKUs


New York, NY, June 2017 – Birra Antoniana, brewer of premium Italian craft beer, today announced the launch of its products in the United States. Based in Padua, Italy, Birra Antoniana prides itself on sustainable, artisanal craftsmanship, cultivating its barley from nearly 250 acres of land before brewing in accordance with longstanding Italian tradition. Liquid Projects, LLC will work with the support of nationally licensed importer/distributor MHW, to import the Italian beers into the United States for the first time, launching with four SKUs in major markets including NY, MA, and IL.


Birra Antoniana was founded in 2011 by Sandro and Michele Vecchiato, brothers and owners of Interbrau, the leading distributor of specialty beers in Italy. Inspired by their father’s dream, the two were determined to create a distinctly Padovan brewery that would produce artisanal beer using local raw materials. After a successful launch in their native Italy, the Vecchiatos will introduce their core lineup to the U.S. including the flagship Marechiaro, a crisp Italian lager created as a perfect pair for pizza, Pasubio, a hoppy session lager, Altinate, a dry hopped lager bearing some similarities to an IPA, and Vienna, a rich and malty Vienna-style lager.


“Italy has a long, proud history of fine craftsmanship” say Sandro and Michele Vecchiato, founders and general managers of Birra Antoniana. “In keeping with our Italian roots, we wanted to create a beer that represented the best of Italian agribusiness, and communicated Italian culture and values to the rest of the world. We’re incredibly excited to bring the art of Italian craft brewing and Padovan terroir to American beer drinkers with Birra Antoniana.”


Scheduled to hit store shelves this summer, Birra Antoniana will celebrate its U.S. arrival with a series of kickoff events at iconic, artisanal pizza restaurants in each major market, beginning with an evening launch party at New York City’s Ribalta on July 18th. Guided by Brand Ambassador Giuseppe DarĂ¹, invited guests will have the opportunity to taste each of the brand’s four product SKUs alongside each beer’s perfect pizza pairing.


Birra Antoniana will join a carefully-curated Liquid Projects portfolio that currently includes The Porterhouse Brewing Co., Dingle Distillery, the Reinheits Boten Brewery Collective from Germany and Bembel-With-Care® hard ciders. Liquid Projects will work in tandem with wholesalers Sarene Craft Beer Distributors in New York and Night Shift Distributing in Boston with SKUs arriving at a suggested retail price between $10.99-$14.99 for a four-pack.


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About Birra Antoniana

 Established in 2011 by brothers Sandro and Michele Vecchiato, Birra Antoniana was created in an effort to develop a beer brand that authentically expressed the terroir of Padua. Proudly recognized as an agricultural company, Birra Antoniana produces its distinct beers with barley that has been cultivated on approximately 250 acres of land, and brews using renewable energy to minimize environmental impact. Thanks to its Marechiaro beer created specifically as the perfect beer to pair alongside pizza, the brewery has been named the only “approved beer supplier” of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, a non-profit organization committed to promoting and protecting the “True Neapolitan Pizza” experience worldwide. Birra Antoniana is currently distributed in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, France, Finland, Ukraine, Russia, Spain, Slovenia, and Japan, launching in the United States in July 2017.


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Established in April 2015 by Co-Founder Lars Dahlhaus and his partners, Liquid Projects' objective is to position quality brands in operator and consumers' minds as the premium brands in craft brewing and artisan distilling. Working with strategic partners and retailers, Liquid Projects positions brand portfolios in the right venues, identified through overall sales strategies and in close liaison with client business development managers. Their carefully curated portfolio currently includes The Porterhouse Brewing Co., Dingle Distillery, the Reinheits Boten Brewery Collective from Germany and Bembel-With-Care® hard ciders, in addition to Birra Antoniana.

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