Bin 8945 Wine Bar & Bistro Opens Pairing Fine Wines With Modern European Cuisine


Featuring modern European cuisine with Caribbean accents, a sleek indoor-outdoor design and superb attention to detail, BIN 8945 is no ordinary wine bar

(WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - JUNE 2006) The arrival of BIN 8945 Wine Bar & Bistro, located at 8945 Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood, finally brings to Los Angeles an inviting wine bar - one in which the burdens of life melt away with every sip of Grenache from Priorat or Alvarinho from Portugal - together with a compelling, eclectic bistro menu that brings out the complex qualities of the wines.
At BIN 8945, the integration of design, food and wine is intended to create a festive atmosphere of adventure, explains Managing Partner David Haskell. "I want every guest to taste food they've never eaten before and discover wine they've never drunk before," he says. The restaurant is the first venture of the Haskell Restaurant Group, which has enlisted Executive Chef Matt Carpenter, whose versatile, wine-friendly menu features modern European cuisine with eclectic Caribbean and North African influences. By offering a diverse wine list and a market-driven menu that changes frequently, "guests can come every night and enjoy a totally different experience each time," adds David.
Designed by Wade Robinson of Wade Co. Design, the stylish, sophisticated restaurant is accessed through double doors off of a patio shaded by a broad chocolate brown awning, a space that is destined to become one of L.A.'s most coveted spots for alfresco dining. Upon entering the intimate interior, a striking glass-ensconced 10-foot high, 8=-foot wide wine cellar immediately catches one's attention. This state-of-the-art cellar features three distinct temperature chambers (600, 650 and 670), storing every variety of wine in optimal condition. On the left side of the room is a sleek wine bar topped with exotic polished white stone that contrasts with its front of rich wenge (a dark tropical wood). Adjacent to the bar is a wooden chef's counter, seating four privileged guests receiving unexpected surprises from the kitchen.
On the right side of the room, beyond the eye-popping wine cellar that is the soul of the restaurant, is a long burgundy banquette along a worn brick wall, lined with faux wenge tables. Keeping with the essence of a casual American bistro, the tables are sans linen, but distinctive placemats reflect photo-exposed images of silverware, china and a wine glass creating a momentary optical illusion and reinforcing BIN 8945's fun, playful attitude - one that is balanced against its serious approach to wine and gastronomy.
The cuisine of Executive Chef Matt Carpenter can best be described as Modern European with Caribbean and North African influences. Carpenter, a graduate of the prestigious California Culinary Academy, brings to the kitchen a strong foundation of classic technique, but enjoys incorporating eclectic accents into to his wine-friendly cuisine, particularly those that reflect his Caribbean heritage. The menu is organized into plates of various sizes, which allow guests to customize their experience.
An Oyster & Ceviche menu includes a daily selection of Three, Six or Twelve Oysters on the Half-Shell with Mignonette and Spicy Cocktail Sauce ($2 each) and a Daily Ceviche Selection served with Popcorn and House Made Corn Nuts in the Caribbean and South American tradition ($12). "Small Plates" include Flaky BIN 8945 Empanadas filled with Seasoned Meat ($8); Gorgonzola Fritters with Greens and Garlic Dressing ($6) and Chicken Kofta with Mushroom Jus ($8).
Among "Slightly Larger Plates" are House-Cured Salt Cod Brandade with Crostini ($14); Pan Roasted Mussels and House Made Italian Sausage in a Coconut Curry Sauce ($14); Braised Pork Cheeks with Boniato Infused Haitian Grits ($14) an


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