Award-Winning Sommelier Offers New Wine Program Using Adaptive Learning Technology


Award-Winning Sommelier Offers New Wine Program Using Adaptive Learning Technology 

Vknow Offers New Confidence and Knowledge for Business Executives Receiving the Wine List  

BOSTON (June 20, 2017) – Business executives and wine enthusiasts can now order with confidence after completing a new, first-of-its-kind adaptive learning program called Vknow.  The online program is led by adaptive and engaging video lessons from an award-winning sommelier, Caleb Ganzer, who won 2017’s Sommelier of the Year from Food & Wine magazine & 2016’s Best New Sommelier from Wine & Spirits magazine.  

“I want every wine lover to maximize their enjoyment of each bottle. This is the perfect pairing where wine meets technology to allow the learner to appreciate differences between grapes & styles, choose the best food to enhance a bottle, and which wines to select and when,” said Ganzer.  “A conversation over wine can be as valuable as a traditional meeting and this injects the confidence needed while offering it in an approachable, adaptive learning platform at the same time.” 

Vknow was created as a passion project from the adaptive learning and technology executives at Area9 Group, which includes Area9 Learning.

“We understand many people are intimidated when they are handed the wine list at an important dinner or meeting, or when they walk into a wine store,” said Niels Bach Vildbrad, senior vice president of Area9 Group.  “This program teaches more than just the basics of red and white wines so you can order with confidence and enjoy the decision you made.” 

Vknow is available starting June 20 and the program can be purchased online for $199 at

More about Caleb Ganzer

Ganzer is the wine director at Compagnie des Vins Surnaturels Centre Street in New York and previously a sommelier at some of New York’s leading restaurants including Eleven Madison Park, DB Bistro Moderne and Restaurant Daniel. He is a level 3 Advanced Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers and holds a bachelors degree in international studies and French from the University of Illinois.


More about Vknow

Vknow was created by the leadership team at Area9 Group, which includes Area9 Learning, the physician-led company that provides adaptive learning platforms and technology.  Area9’s founders and senior management team have decades of experience in research and development of advanced learning technologies. Area9 creates adaptive learning programs for business professionals to gain critical skills in diverse feels including healthcare, technology, business and culture ranging from retail sales training for Shinola to post-graduate learning for physicians together with New England Journal of Medicine.  To learn more about Area9 group, visit their website at

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