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(LOS ANGELES, CA -August 30, 2017) -Ararat, the legendary Armenian Brandy, is now available throughout California. Yerevan Brandy Company has announced a partnership with Beau Monde Wine & Spirits Inc., the exclusive importer to increase distribution and the availability of to the US market. Retailers like BevMo, Total Wine & Spirits, Mission Liquor and Remedy Liquor will offer consumers the ability to purchase the product lines in-store and online.


Named after the biblical Mt. Ararat, this multiple award-winning brandy represents the rich cultural and historical heritage of Armenia and has been regarded as a drink of choice for many worldwide celebrations and gatherings. Ararat was ubiquitous at meetings of world leaders and Winston Churchill became a lifelong fan after he was gifted a bottle by Joseph Stalin at the 1945 Yalta Conference.  


Ararat is produced by Yerevan Brandy Company, in the Armenian capital city of Yerevan, using traditional methods, the foundations of which were laid in 1887 by the founder Nerses Tairyants. The brandy is created using only Armenian grapes and crystal clear spring water.  The climate in Ararat Valley and the variety of local soils and grapes gives Ararat its rich taste.  After pressing, natural fermentation produces high-quality wine and after a two-step distillation process, the brandy is aged in century old Caucasian Oak Casks, which are coopered at the factory. The brandy is then laid to 'rest' or age for any number of years.  Each bottle of Ararat brandy displays an original seal and label with the Phoenix rising, signifying the reawakening of the Armenian identity throughout history, and is designed to evoke feelings of the rich history and culture of the brand.


"Ararat represents Armenian culture and hospitality," says Karen Meymaryan, US Representative for Ararat. "We love sharing special moments, occasions and experiences with friends and loved ones over a glass of brandy. It is my honor to help grow this brand in the US and we are excited to build awareness in America for Ararat."


Brand extensions now available in Los Angeles include:


Ararat 'Five Stars' Aged 5 Years (MSRP $19.99)

Aged five years, and the most popular in the product line, 5 Stars has a distinctive aroma of ripe and juicy plums, notes of sweet Armenian peach and a thin, delicate taste with a hint of black currant.


Ararat 'AKHTAMAR' Aged 10 Years (MSRP $39.99)

Inspired by the ancient legend and love story of Armenian Princess Tamar, Akhtamar is the most emotional and artistic of the brandies. Its elegant bouquet is dominated by seductive notes of plum, complemented by hints of beeswax and walnut.


Ararat 'Nairi' Aged 20 Years (MSRP $89.99)

The Ararat Nairi is the richest and deepest in the Ararat range, its noble, multi-faceted bouquet is perfectly balanced with spicy hints of pine nuts, the sweetness of thick fresh honey and light peppercorn.  It offers a perfect balance of spicy and sweet and a level of unmatched sophistication.


Ararat 'Dvin' (MSRP $89.99)

The most exclusive brandy in the current product line is the choice of true connoisseurs and has been triumphed by Winston Churchill and world leaders. This blend is aged for longer in oak casks, which gives it a typical wood-smoky aroma of cigars with hints of clove and a slightly sweet taste of hazelnut.


Ararat Brandy is now available at BevMo, Total Wine, Mission Liquor, Remedy Wine & Spirits Hi Time Liquor, Jons Markets, Cheers Liquor, Redbird.LA and many others.



The legendary Armenian brandy Ararat is produced by Yerevan Brandy Company using traditional methods, the foundations of which were laid in 1887 by the founder Nerses Tairyants. Ararat brandy is created using only Armenian grapes and crystal clear spring water. Precious Ararat brandy is aged exclusively in barrels made of Caucasian oak, produced in their in-house cooperage plant. In 1998, Yerevan Brandy Company became a part of Pernod Ricard, the world's leader in the Premium spirits industry. Now available in California and various other states.


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