6th Cookbook In The Country Comfort Series!

In latest cookbook in the Country Comfort series mother-daughter team new book, Nicole Roarke, a chef instructor and executive chef plates a feast of recipes representing the diverse regions of the United States.

Chef instructor Nicole makes you feel as if you are in her classroom as you read easy-to-follow techniques written consistently to help simplify the cooking process Professional tips and tricks of the trade for preparing common ingredients including garlic, chilies, and blended oils.

Cooking Across America features over 175 enticing recipes and accompanying anecdotes from cooks throughout the country, highlighting popular ingredients from each region and appealing to anyone looking to take a cross-country culinary tour of America and discover its vast food heritage.

For those who love to collect and read recipe books Cooking Across America will have a special appeal. It sets itself apart from other cookbooks, sharing personal antidotes from recipe contributors about the memories their dish brings to mind. Along with the regional recipes you will gain an understanding of local ingredients, learn step by step cooking techniques.
These instructions enabling others (such as creative home cooks, novice cooks and culinary students) to learn "Tricks of the trade" while preparing recipes. The Chef Tip's are also available on YouTube for you to follow while you cook. (Chef Nicole Roarke) The book also contains Baking Tips and a historical journey enlightening the reader about heritage and the terrain and climate influences which lead to the creation of each region's unique cooking style.

According to Executive Chef Frank Tramontano, a Grand Diplome graduate of the prestigious La Varrenne Culinary School in Paris, Tramontano's distinguished career includes helming fine dining restaurants in Palm Beach, NYC and the Hamptons, wrote the book's Foreword said, "I find Country Comfort: Cooking Across America to be a fabulous culinary tour, offer you a culinary awakening, opening your senses to such a distinct variety of styles, techniques, and flavor combinations. In these pages, you will have the pleasure of finding some culinary styles you may never have explored."

Nicole Roarke, BA is a culinary instructor and executive chef. She is an honors graduate of the French Culinary Institute in NYC. Mother and daughter give cooking demos.

Mary Elizabeth Roarke, RN, BSN, is writer, owner of a catering company. She studied Pastry and Baking in the Culinary Academy, and currently bakes in her catering company, NRcatering.com. She was published in several other cookbooks in the Country Comfort series

Foreword by Executive Chef Frank Tramontano