Sweet Potato Soup with Spiced Pumpkin Cake, Pecan Gianduja, Pickled Raisins, and Sour Cream Ice Cream

Adapted by StarChefs.com
December 2013


Sour Cream Ice Cream: (Yield: 18 portions)
500 milliliters milk
125 grams sugar
3 grams ice cream stabilizer
150 grams sour cream
Spiced Pumpkin Cake: (Yield: Two 1-pound loaves)
250 grams sugar
2 eggs, room temperature
75 grams light olive oil
2 grams ground cinnamon
2 grams ground cloves
2 grams ground ginger
4 grams salt
4 grams baking soda
195 grams cake flour
185 grams pumpkin purée
Pecan Gianduja: (Yield: 24 portions)
115 grams pecan pieces
70 grams powdered sugar
115 grams white chocolate
4 grams salt
Pickled Golden Raisins: (Yield: 24 portions)
175 grams golden raisins
75 grams Champagne vinegar
45 grams water
80 grams neutral clear glaze
Sweet Potato Soup: (Yield: 6 portions)
300 grams sweet potatoes
25 grams sugar
500 milliliters half and half
4 grams salt


Sour Cream Ice Cream:
In a medium saucepan, warm milk and half the sugar. Combine stabilizer and remaining sugar and whisk into warmed milk. Heat to 185°F, cool over ice bath, and mature 4 hours. Emulsify mixture with a hand blender and blend in sour cream. Pour base into a beaker and freeze.

For the Spiced Pumpkin Cake:
Heat oven to 330°F. In a mixer fitted with a whip, whip sugar and eggs to ribbon stage. Slowly pour in olive oil to emulsify. Separately, combine dry ingredients and sift. Add dry ingredients and pumpkin purée to egg mixture and mix to combine. Butter and lightly flour two 1-pound loaf pans and divide batter equally. Bake until cake tester comes out clean. Heat oven to 400°F. Cool cake completely and tear into small pieces. Toast cake 5 minutes, or until the exterior is crisp. Scraps can be toasted and ground and used as a base for the quenelle.

For the Pecan Gianduja:
Heat oven to 400°F. Toast pecans until fragrant. In a food processor, process pecans, powdered sugar, and white chocolate into a smooth paste. Season with salt and cool to room temperature.

Pickled Golden Raisins:
In a medium saucepan, combine raisins and vinegar and simmer over low heat to bloom. In a blender, process on low speed until mixture begins to thicken. Slowly add water. When smooth, pour into a medium bowl and incorporate clear glaze with a rubber spatula. Pass through a chinois and chill.

For the Sweet Potato Soup:
Heat oven to 425°F. Wash and roast sweet potatoes until tender; cool slightly. Peel the sweet potatoes and weigh 300 grams of flesh. Split and scrape vanilla bean seeds into sugar and rub with fingertips to incorporate. In a small saucepan, heat half and half to scald. Pour sweet potato into blender with half and half and process until smooth. Season with salt.

To Assemble and Serve:
In a small saucepan, warm Sweet Potato Soup. In a large serving bowl, swipe Pickled Golden Raisins across plate in a thin line. Spread toasted Spiced Pumpkin Cake and Pecan Gianduja evenly across Golden Raisins purée. Place quenelle of Sour Cream Ice Cream off center, using ground Spiced Pumpkin Cake as a foundation. Place warmed Sweet Potato Soup into a small pitcher and pour tableside.