Damian Higgins of Planet Human - Biography

New York, NY

July 2012

DJ Dieselboy is the stage name of Damian Higgins, considered to the greatest DJ for drum and bass music in North America. Higgins got his start in the early 90s, at a time when the American DJ scene wasn’t as robust as its European counterpart. But he made an early impact on the scene with albums including “Octane,” “A Soldier’s Story,” and “System Upgrade.”

Over the course of a 21-year career, Higgins’s output has remained prolific. In addition to myriad independent gigs, Higgins has performed at music festivals and extreme sports exhibitions, and his work has been featured on networks like MTV and ESPN and in popular video games.

His success isn’t just individual. Higgins founded the Human Imprint music label in 2002, followed by sub-label SubHuman: Human Imprint in 2010 (now all part of the Planet Human label). And in a not-so-small step for the American DJ, he was the first Yankee to be voted into UK-based Drum and Bass Arena “Top 10 DJs” in 2004. Collectively, Higgins has played shows on six continents, but he’s currently based in Brooklyn, giving back to the country that embraced him one track at a time.