Dishrag Newsletter Archive - 2008

Dishrag Newsletter Archive - 2008

issue 161

December 26, 2008
Letter from the Editor, Culinary Trends, New Year's Breakfast, ICC 2009 Dates, Tools of the Trade, and More

issue 160

December 16, 2008
Chef Gifts, Top Cookbooks, Recession Buster, Winter Cocktail Recipes, and More

issue 159

December 3, 2008
Holiday Dinner with Chef Daisley Gordon, Caul Fat Technique, Chef Assistants Podcast, and More

issue 158

November 17, 2008
Turkey Tips, Paris in a Weekend, Holiday Baking, Yellowtail Collar, and More

issue 157

October 31, 2008
Seattle Tasting Trip, Charcuterie, Fall Recipes, Deep-Fried Bearnaise Technique, Videos, and More

issue 156

October 9, 2008
Las Vegas Rising Stars, Monkfish Technique, Fall Recipes, Champagne Survey, and more

issue 155

September 19, 2008
Congress Wrap-Up and Las Vegas Rising Stars!

issue 154

August 22, 2008
Chefs Congress Update, NY Rising Stars, Farmers Market Recipes and More

issue 153

July 25, 2008
Vegas Sommeliers, Podcast, Vita-Mix Videos and More

issue 152

June 30, 2008
Las Vegas Chefs, Summer Picnics, New Photo Galleries and More

issue 151

June 15, 2008
Father's Day Grill Tips, Star Chef Stephan Pyles, and More

issue 150

May 31, 2008
Rhubarb Two Ways, The Brunch Challenge, Wines for the Beach, and More

issue 149

May 19, 2008
New Orleans, South America, the Results of the Restaurant Salary Survey, and more

issue 148

April 30, 2008
Vegas Dining, Economy Survey, Whiskey Cocktails, and more

issue 147

April, 16, 2008
South Florida Travel, Octopus, New Tasting Photos, The Chicago Rising Stars, and more

issue 146

March 31, 2008
Chicago Rising Stars, Compressed Fruit, On the Fly, Podcast, and More

issue 145

March 15, 2008
Chicago's Culinary Scene, Easter Bunnies, Head to Tail Fun, and More

issue 144

February 29, 2008
Recipes from South Florida Rising Stars, Tales from Italy's Identita Golose, and More

issue 143

February 15, 2008
The 2008 International Chefs Congress, Game Bird Recipes, Culinary Technology Whiz Dave Arnold, and More

issue 142

January 31, 2008
Valentine's Day Edition: Cocktails, Recipes, Verona Wines, and More

issue 141

January 18, 2008
South Florida Rising Stars, Tasting Galleries, Catering the Super Bowl, Cervena Recipe Contest, and more