Old Is Gold

by Meha Desai
Antoinette Bruno
May 2014


  • Little Mexico
    Mixologist Kiowa Bryan Eveleigh - Los Angeles, CA
  • White Negroni
    Mixologist Brandyn Tepper Hinoki & The Bird - Los Angeles, CA


Some of the best bar programs in the City of Angels are all about keeping it simple, doing it right, and educating the L.A. revelers that pack their bars each night. Oftentimes, that means looking back East to the gods and goddesses of modern bartending (Audrey Saunders and Sam Ross, among them). L.A. mixos like Kiowa Bryan, Brandyn Tepper, and Devon Espinosa are borrowing from the modern greats and building upon their city’s young, exciting cocktail scene with their own takes on modern classics. “We’re not re-inventing the wheel. We’re helping it turn,” says Tepper, who heads the bar program at Hinoki and the Bird.