Steven Olson Fast Facts

September 2010

Favorite up-and-coming wine region?

The regions I would consider up-and-coming have actually been making wine for centuries, but have only recently started to gain recognition. Jerez, perhaps the oldest of them all, is just one of the many emerging regions in Spain, along with Bierzo, Valdeorras, Jumilla, and many others. I also think Greece, with thousands of years of history, is currently making many world-class yet affordable wines.

Favorite wine resource?

My colleagues and peers who, like me, are on a never-ending search for the world's next great wines, the best values, and the most food-friendly wines, and always open-minded about their origins, knowing that great wine is made in the vineyard, and they could be located almost anywhere these days.

Most exciting trend in wine?

The willingness of consumers to try something new. As we provide more options, consumers are becoming more open-minded about their wine choices. Restaurants and wine bars are increasingly offering better by-the-glass options and are training their staff to help guide the consumers to new wines.