Interview with New Orleans Rising Star Bartender Nick Detrich of Cane & Table

by Lisa Elbert
February 2016

Lisa Elbert: What’s a cocktail trend you’d most like to see?
Nick Detrich: 
I'd like to see Vermuterias come into fashion stateside.  They make great communal spaces, with excellent bitter and herbal drinks paired with briny and salty olives and fish.  And often a number of Sherries for lighter options.

LE: What’s the most underrated cocktail ingredient?
Rancio Sec. I think it will come into fashion in the next year or two, as Sherry has been in vogue recently. This super oxidized wine is fantastic on its own—especially since it can’t oxidize further—but can also be used interchangeably with Sherry. And the varietals used give the category a diversity of applications.

LE: What’s your favorite bartending resource?
I often listen to “Cooking Issues” on the Heritage Radio Network. Dave Arnold is entertaining, and an excellent problem solver. Following his approach to different aspects of service and production help with a great deal of issues I run into.

LE: Where do you most want to visit for cocktails?
In the last year, I’ve visited several Scandinavian countries. There are a series of scenes there that are underrated in the international community, and they have traditions older than many of the cocktail scenes in the United States. There are more and more bars opening in cities like Reykjavik, Stockholm, and Copenhagen every month. Any one of these cities would offer a lot of inspiration and perspective to any U.S. bartender.

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